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Is A House Waste Clearance Cost Worth Your While?

The idea of minimal living seems lucrative and why not? With low-cost living on the rise, clearing out house clutter should not feel heavy on your pocket. Since the jobs seems a bit tedious, it is common for people to wonder about house waste clearance cost.

It may come as a surprise that how little a house clearance project may cost you. Getting rid of unnecessary house clutter is cost-effective than you may think. Plus, you can free up your precious time and get on with more important tasks.

How Much Could a House Clearance Cost You?

Strictly speaking, waste clearance pricing can be a bit confusing, especially when you are dealing with mixed bulky waste. Companies often calculate the clearance cost depending on the skip size, cubic volume or weight. At Waste Removal London, our waste clearance pricing includes:

  • 1.5 cubic yards & weight between 100-150 kgs – £50-£75
  • 3.5 cubic yards & weight between 200-300 kgs – £75-£100
  • 5.25 cubic yards & weight between 400-500 kgs – £130-£145
  • 7 cubic yards & weight between 600-700 kgs - £180 and so on

Please visit our website to learn more about the pricings.

When Does House Clearance Come in Handy?

There are various situations when you might need to hire a house clearance team. Usually, people use this service when they need to clear items in bulk or one or two bulky items like mattresses, or an old furniture or piano. Below we discuss common scenarios when you consider this service useful:

  • Ex-tenants

    Did the previous tenant leave a lot of junk in the property? Being a landlord, you may want to clear that out. With house clearance, you can get rid of unnecessary junk, creating more space in the property. It is a great option if you do not own a car, or the time to clear it on your own.
  • During divorce

    You may want to clear a property after being separated from your previous partner. House clearance gives you a simpler and effective chance to remove or transport items, giving you peace of mind. Since professionals do all the work for you, it makes it easier to navigate more difficult situations like a relationship breakdown.
  • Probate

    Professional house clearance companies can very well deal with the families of loved ones that have passed away. They respectfully clear any unwanted items, considering all the options for reusing and recycling. In a situation like this, you might be emotionally draining to have to do this on your own. So, why not call up the professionals to al the overwhelming house clearance chores for you?
  • Former owner moving

    The former owner of a property might be moving abroad, downsizing, a house clearance service can be helpful.

How Does House Clearance Work?

Various businesses offer house clearance services, which may include removal companies, specialist clearance companies, general waste removal companies, and man and van sole traders.

They have a simple process in place to follow when a customer like you requests a house clearance.

  • Get an estimation

    At first, you need to contact a house clearance firm and ask for an estimate. Here at Waste Removal London, we provide free quotes for all of our services.
  • Book your service

    If you consider a service to be useful, call them to book in their service. You need to arrange for the date and time for the clearance to begin. Depending on how much waste you need to get rid of, a clearance task may take at least an hour to days.
  • On the day of clearance

    The house clearance team will arrive at the designated place and time. Expect the company to notify you prior to their arrival at the agreed time.
  • Your house clearance begins

    Upon arrival, your house clearance team will introduce themselves. Then you need to show them what items you need to remove. They will let you the final cost before loading up the vans.
  • Reusing and recycling

    The next step includes recycling and reusing. The house clearance team will choose either to reuse, recycle, donate, or tip off the waste. If you work with a good clearance partner, they will try to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill. Here at Waste Removal London, we strive to keep waste from sending to landfill as much as possible. Besides, we try to make sure that if products can be reused.

Why Choose Waste Removal London?

While undertaking any house waste clearance job, our focus is to ensure the items we are dealing with are checked, thoroughly sorted out and either disposed of correctly or preferably recycled as much as possible. We try to reduce waste being sent to landfills, while taking the most eco-friendly approach to finish a job.

So, no matter what waste you want to remove, let us do what we are good at, while you enjoy the peace of mind.

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