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Electrical Appliance Disposal
Electrical Appliance Disposal

Electrical Appliance Disposal in London

Modern technology keeps giving us different electrical appliances, from electric toothbrushes to computers, washing machines, and dishwashers; this list goes on. Whether you love to update electrical items regularly or not, you will have to deal with electrical item disposals at some point. Disposing of electrical appliances is quite tasking.  

Over 20 million phones get sold yearly, and with the current market saturation, about 20 million phones also require disposal.

Most electrical appliances have plastic and metal parts with small quantities of other materials that harm the environment. Most electrical devices can be recycled, and others who need second-hand can reuse many electrical devices you no longer need. Charitable organisations that need electrical devices you do not need but are still in working condition are also available.  

If you want to dispose of your electrical appliances that still work, you may consider finding a new home for them. However, if the appliance isn’t working, consider recycling options. Electrical appliances like washing machines are often easy to recycle. They have an outer casing made with metal, including the chassis and drum, while the electoral motor winding is copper. Plastic parts, especially logic and circuit boards, are more difficult to recycle.

Smaller electrical devices such as laptops, tablets and phones are mostly recyclable. Waste Electrical and End life Equipment (WEEE) and IT such as televisions, phones, computers and tablets fall under the new laws enforced since 2014. This law prevents you from putting these items into general waste.

To foster recycling, some manufacturers offer value for returning devices. Before recycling your working electrical items, you can consider selling them for extra cash.

You can sell them on sites like eBay and Gumtree or donate them to charity shops that accept second-hand electrical items.

Fix and repair clubs are becoming more popular in the country since the lockdown, and most are inspired by TV programmes like the Repair shop. Repair clubs offer the following benefits.

  • Saving money by repairing items instead of buying a new one
  • Repairing or refurbishing items is sustainable, preventing old devices from dumping in landfills.
  • People involved in the repairs learn new skills
  • Getting the same function from an old device gives a feeling of satisfaction

If reselling or fixing an electrical appliance isn’t an option, you can contact Waste Removal London to handle the recycling or proper disposal of your electrical appliance. Our expert team makes electrical appliance disposal stress-free.

After collecting electrical appliances, we:

  • Recycle all recyclable parts
  • Offer working appliances for reuse
  • If the above isn’t possible, we can send the waste to the landfill

You can call Waste Removal London today on 020 37450982 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our Electrical Appliance Disposal services.

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