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Event clearance
Event clearance

Event Waste Collection Service in London

We at Waste Removal London provide event waste collection services to both event organisers and event agencies. Despite the event you are going to organise, we can be your right event waste clearance company to seek help from.

Theatrical shows, sporting events, charity events, summer fetes and music festivals are some great sources of entertainment hold in special occasions and time of the year. Besides leaving long lasting impression they make a huge mess around at the venue. Tracking everything while running the event is really tough in real without any professional’s assistance!

That’s why we are there to collaborate with event organisers and ensure that activities are events are completely litter-free. Any sort of events need frequent help for disposal of trash along the streets that doesn’t impact the environment.

Our professional waste collection team has training to deal with your waste properly. We will make sure that the surrounding is clean before we leave.

With many years of experience, we are licensed and insured to commit a greener, cleaner and healthier environment. We provide eco-friendly event waste collection services which is cost-effective too. By sorting out the loaded waste we recycle as much as we can to ensure minimal landfills.

Outdoor event waste clearance

We will be your partner to keep your events and festival waste-free and clean by providing bin hire to custom waste management programs. Our team will assist you from beginning till we collect the last recycling bin, litter and portable toilet from the venue.

Our staffs will tailor waste management strategy that suits your schedule and events to ensure the festival is completely trash-free. With our top-notch event waste management service there are options of public waste stations, waste collection, litter picking, skip hire and clinical and hazardous waste management.

Indoor event waste clearance

Waste Removal London can take complete care of your indoor event waste by providing a perfect after-party setting. We are specialised in bespoke event waste management solution that suits your specifications and needs. Our waste clearance services for indoor events includes litter pick-up, recycling alternatives, attendees trash stations and clinical and hazardous waste disposal with additional junk removal which you need.

We keep our clients as our biggest priority! With our rubbish removal service, you can ensure undisturbed beauty of the setting of indoor event promising to tackle the mess throughout. Our team will be there for you from beginning to end supplying waste clearance bins. Get in touch with us to plan your event with our waste management services and organise a waste-free and beautiful event.

Event recycling bins

Starting from regular 240 litre wheelie bin to large 1100 litre wheelie bin we can offer different sizes of bins suitable for your small or large events. Whether you organise outdoor or indoor events, we place recycling stations for sorting the general waste from cans, bottles, cards and plastics.

For any medical camp, we collect clinical trash in yellow bins considering its hazardous nature. We place green waste recycling bin to collect wet garbage from food, cooking or kitchen whereas we place blue waste recycling bin for dry recyclable materials like cans, bottles, packaging plastics, cardboard and newspapers.

Our professional will be there to examine the bins are not overflowing. They will collect and replace it from time to time for minimising the carbon footprint at your event.

Why our event recycling services?

  • After your event is over, we offer comprehensive waste report along weighbridge tickets and other necessary information that you need.
  • Our team will at work throughout to make sure efficient management of your waste by removing them leaving a clean and perfect venue behind.
  • We comply with the legislation and Environment Act 2005 for collecting, removing and recycling your event waste.
  • We provide top-quality event waste clearance services at competitive price.
  • Our team of professionals specialises in different kinds of wastes. We try to recycle about 90% of collected waste comprising hazardous materials to minimise emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into atmosphere protecting the environment.


Event waste disposal with us can cost Start from only £190. We contact with event organiser for keeping the cost minimum.

In UK, only music events can produce about 23,500 tonnes of waste per year that is equal to weight of 78 full loaded Boeing 747 jets.

Food comprises 24% of total waste. Paperboard and paper hold 12%, plastic contributes 18% and other textiles, leather and rubber provide 11% of waste. Any other materials just make up below tenth of total waste production.

Yes, we have! We have skilled and professionals litter pickers to help throughout the event.

Recycling is best option for any kind of event; small or big; indoor or outdoor. After loading and transporting the waste, we process and recycle them completely without sending anything to landfill.

Obviously, yes! With many years of expertise in this industry we will try our best for making your event successful with minimum waste at competitive price.

Collection and recycling of food waste is really a great work! By using innovative technology we recycle the collected food waste as much as we can for generating renewable energy.

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