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WEEE disposal
WEEE disposal

WEEE Collection and Disposal in London

WEEE means Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which has become a fast-growing waste globally. Part of the most significant challenges we face on planet earth is recycling and safely disposing of this electrical waste. Sadly, it is not a problem with a solution in sight, as it is feared to remain a huge problem in years to come. WEEE waste varies, and the numbers keep increasing as production continues daily alongside more improvements in production. Some examples of WEEE include major electronics, including computers/laptops, monitors, mobile phones, printers, servers, switches, routers, etc.

Recycling of WEEE simply involves the safe and environmentally friendly disposal and elimination of all things electrical and electronics. Although the Directive of WEEE in 2012 states that the manufacturers of these electronics and electricals are responsible for every impact these electronics have on the environment, it does not stop the fact that they are thrown away uncontrollably. On that note, we at Waste Removal London help in properly disposing of the electricals and electronics. Just get across to us for the recycling and disposal of your used electronics.

What are the items that fall under the category of WEEE?

Waste elimination or disposal of WEEE refers to the disposal of any electronic, small or large, household device, non-household device, equipment for IT, medical pieces of equipment, etc. WEEE are grouped into two categories, historic and non-historic. The ones produced and released into the market before the year 2005 are referred to as historical, and the ones produced and released into the market following the year 2005 are referred to as non-historic.

Since 2005, the responsibility for the disposal of these electronics has been placed on the manufacturer or distributor, unlike before, when the responsibility of disposal was solely on the consumer or owner of the electronics. You do not need to worry anymore, as you can contact us at any time, and we will have them recycled or disposed of.

Who are the people affected by the regulations of WEEE?

The people or organisations that are affected in one way or another by the regulations of WEEE include the following

  • Business users or operators
  • Householders
  • Local authorities
  • Industry in charge of waste management
  • Retailers
  • Rebranders, importers and manufacturers

What is the importance of the disposal of WEEE?

For starters, there are harmful chemicals which are present in every electrical waste. Some of these chemicals may include lead, arsenic, mercury and non-biodegradable substances and elements like gases or plastic, all of which are harmful to humans as well as to the environment. When the electronics are damaged or no longer in use, they can be dumped carelessly, and this can lead to harmful toxins being leaked into the environment and water systems, ultimately leading to the contamination of our food and water. Furthermore, some of the waste components like glass, plastic and metals are non-biodegradable and can remain the same way for years, causing environmental pollution and damage to the ecosystem.

When WEEE is properly disposed of and recycled, the waste is safely removed or dismantled and used for reproduction or refurbishing. Contact us at Waste Removal London for the proper disposal and recycling of electronic and electrical waste.

How can you comply with the regulations of WEEE?

Proper disposal or recycling of WEEE is not just for the benefit of the environment and planet but also for the benefit of everyone therein. On that note, it is important for government bodies and businesses in the European community to properly dispose of electrical and electronic waste. Failure to do so will result in fines and punishments being imposed on them.

The best way to work with these regulations if you belong to any of the above-mentioned organisations is to contact professionals like Waste Removal London for help. We are affordable, reliable and trustworthy.

Reasons why you should choose us today

If you need a reliable waste disposal company in London, then you should not hesitate to contact us. Our services are available to all and sundry including businesses and private homes. We respond immediately to requests and calls for our service, and we are equally available for emergency services.

We charge fair and affordable prices for our services, and all transactions with us are transparent. There are no hidden charges or irrelevant charges when we are contacted.

Do you need efficient waste collectors today? You can call Waste Removal London today on 020 37450982 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our WEEE disposal services.

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