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Confidential waste disposal and data destruction
Confidential waste disposal and data destruction

Confidential Waste Disposal and Data Destruction in London

Data security is important for both your safety and your clients’. This is often the main concern for many businesses. As criminals find new ways to access vital information to commit cyber fraud, you need to take data protection seriously.

The government mandates every business to follow the GDPR standards. Waste Removal London ensures businesses follow these standards to protect business and prevent paying thousands of pounds in fines

Confidential waste disposal

Confidential waste disposal involves safely destroying computer data, printed documents and other products containing private or personal information. This waste disposal is necessary to prevent the wrong people from accessing vital information, whether by accident or through general carelessness from employees that do not use the right bins, shred or destroy documents before disposing of them.

Data destruction services

Our confidential waste disposal service fully complies with standard regulations, and we train our staff to carry out proper confidential waste disposal.

Date destruction and confidential waste disposal

The following steps are necessary during confidential waste disposal

  • Ensure you place all items that require confidential waste disposal in the bin labelled confidential waste
  • Our trained professionals will collect the containers and take them to a secure place on your premises
  • If you want to dispose of electronics such as mobile phones and computers, we will wipe them with the approved data destruction software to prevent unauthorised parties from accessing the information in these devices
  • After destroying the items following industry standards, we will transfer the material to the right recycling sites
  • Our staff who destroyed your confidential waste will sign a declaration stating that they have adhered to the company policy for disposing of confidential materials

Why choose Waste Removal London?

  • Our pricing is transparent and affordable
  • We offer reliable and trustworthy services
  • We keep to time and work with your schedule
  • We will properly dispose of your confidential waste
  • We have a license from the Environmental Agency, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and SafeContractor accredited
  • We prioritise recycling
  • We are available all week

We offer services besides confidential waste disposals such as onsite and offsite paper shredding and disposal of IT-containing data and hard drives.

Call Waste Removal London on 020 37450982 to book our confidential waste disposal and data destruction services.

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