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Hotel clearance
Hotel clearance

Your Affordable Hotel Clearance Service in London

Waste Removal London is a trustworthy hotel clearance company in London where our professionals deliver quality rubbish removal services to the hotels throughout London at an affordable price.

When you hire us, you will be benefitted from the following:

  • Flexible services
  • Fixed and free quotations
  • Certified and insured services
  • Comprehensive hotel rubbish clearance
  • 24 hour booking facility
  • Experienced team of professionals

Who we are

We possess several years of experience in the process of waste management and disposal in London area. Being the reliable waste removal companies in London, we will clear hotel spaces within a few hours and make the property look good, despite how big or small the job might be. Starting from major renovation works to collecting all the food waste, we are always there to help you.

Excellent Reviews

If you are thinking how we can assist your hotel with waste management, then check out all our Google reviews. We are among the top hotel clearance providers in London, receiving kind words and credit for the work we do for our commercial clients.

Affordable Services

We are among the most affordable clearance providers and feel proud to provide fixed and transparent quotes to our customers. Our pricing is competitive which has made us stand out from everyone in this industry.

Flexible Appointments

We know hotels are always a busy place, despite whatever time of the day. So, we provide flexible appointments both during the weekdays and weekends. We also offer clearances too and whether you need a small van or a huge lorry, we are always prepared when you book our services.

Experienced and Trustworthy Team

We take good care of guests and ensure we will send the most trusted clearance team to your hotel. Each member has proper training and is equipped with necessary tools and good knowledge to carry out their job in the best possible way.

How we help with your Hotel Clearance

Off Site Clearance

Our professionals will be picking up your goods according to your convenient time and make the process easy for you. We also take care of all your logistics and ensure complete peace of mind. The secure storage facilities will be monitored 24/7 with CCTV and other anti-theft devices.

On Site Auction

We sell your goods securely and quickly with off-site auction. We go to the location, collect goods and take care of all the marketing. In case you do want to sell your items, we will store them for you at a fixed price and arrange for private sale once you are ready.

Make Your Life Easy

We understand hotels welcome loyal guests and hold fantastic reputations for everyone. So, we offer customized services for everyone during London hotel clearance to meet specific requirements for your clearance.


What is the law for hotel waste clearance?

The law for hotel waste management is there in the UK Environmental Protection Act 1990 which puts all businesses to ensure proper disposal of waste. As per Section 34 of the act, it puts hotel businesses under duty of care or legal obligation to take all reasonable steps for managing any rubbish they deal with for the prevention of improper disposal. So, the most suitable way to follow these laws is to take help of a reputed waste management company for clearing all the waste and making the place clean.

How much waste can you clear at a time?

Waste Removal London has different kinds of vehicles and experienced team who will manage all clearance jobs of all sizes as much as possible. You can be assured that we will clear all the waste quickly, despite how much it may be.

How soon can we book waste clearance?

We provide 24 hour booking and you may schedule your clearance as quickly as you need it. We suggest you to get in touch with us as soon as our appointments have been subjected to availability.

Do you give weekend and evening clearances?

Yes, we provide weekend as well as evening clearances so that we clear all your waste as per your convenient time.

Who do you work with?

We have several satisfied clients and our client base includes – letting agents, small and large businesses and charitable institutions. There are a wide range of hotels that receive our quality services.

Do you provide routine or regular clearances?

Yes, we offer both one off as well as regular clearance services to the hotels. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss about the pricing and specific details related to waste management needs.

Will our staff require helping you to load the rubbish?

No, our team of professionals will be loading and clearing of all the waste as long as the waste can be accessed.

Do you collect old hotel mattresses?

Yes, mattresses are among the common things our experienced professionals collect during the clearance process.

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Same Day Services

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