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Sofa Removal
Sofa Removal

Sofa Removal and Disposal London

If you want to remove and recycle your sofa, Waste Removal London will properly handle it. We are a reliable waste management company handling different removal services in London.

We offer sustainable services involving sofa removal and proper disposal. We have licensed experts who can remove your old, unwanted sofa and transport it to the right recycling site on the same day.

Our sofa removal services in London are safe and remove any stress involved in properly disposing of your old furniture. Booking our sofa removal services takes only a few minutes.

How our sofa removal services work

If you need our sofa removal services, the following steps will help you access our services.

  • Call and inform us of your location, the size of the sofa and when you need our services
  • Get a quote for your sofa removal
  • If you are happy with the sofa removal quote, we will process
  • Our removal team will arrive at your house at the agreed time to collect your sofa
  • We will recycle or reuse the old sofa. Our sofa recycling percentage is about 93%

Sofa removal in London

Removing a sofa from your home in London is a huge task, but contact Waste Removal London to make the task an easy one.

We are based in London and offer furniture removal, including sofas and waste removal services. Our services cover all London postcodes and boroughs. We also offer same-day furniture and sofa collection and disposal.

We have licensed waste carriers who dispose of waste correctly. We are registered with the Environmental Agency and specialise in office and domestic sofa removal.

Same day sofa removal

We will make the task stress-free if you want to get rid of your old or unwanted sofa bed or sofa. Our same-day sofa removal services ensure that you can dispose of your sofa any day.

Our well-trained sofa removal experts will handle all heavy lifting and transport your sofa at no extra cost.

Why choose us?

We are a leading removal company in London, and we aim to make households clean by handling all waste and junk, including sofa removal, at an affordable cost. Our services are reliable, and we opt for safe disposal methods.

Accessing our services is easy, and you can trust us to arrive at your property at the agreed time for any unwanted item in your home. When you book our sofa collection service, our trained professionals will come to pick up your sofa and send it to the nearest recycling site. We aim to recycle all recyclable items and only dump them in a landfill if other options aren’t necessary.

Getting a quote for your sofa removal is easy with Waste Removal London, and the cost of our services is affordable.

Excellent furniture removal

We are a locally based removal company in London and have vetted professionals serving all areas in London. If you book our services before noon, you can access our same-day furniture removal.

After confirming the tome for removal, we will come to pack your unwanted furniture, load them in our van and transport the furniture to the right places. We can collect old sofas from your office, garden or home.

Efficient sofa collection

Our sofa collection services are efficient, and you are only a phone call away. We can be with you in a short time.

Sustainable furniture collection and disposal

We offer clear pricing for sofa removal and disposal services, and our services are affordable. With our services, there are no hidden or extra costs. We prioritise recycling items, and our furniture recycling rate is about 93%. We are committed to supporting sustainable lifestyles and are working towards reducing 90% disposal in landfills.

DIY sofa removal in London

If you want to dispose of your sofa in London, you must get a van and find a place to park it before removing it and transporting it to the right disposal centre. The time and resources you need for this are more compared to hiring a professional.

If you hire Waste Removal London, you can sit back and watch our experts handle your sofa removal and disposal.

While you can contact the council to request a sofa collection, you may not get any response, and if you do, it will be after a long time. There is also no guarantee that they will recycle your sofa, meaning it will end up in a landfill.

Waste Removal London will make the collection and recycling process easier. We have designed our services to be convenient for everyone, including those who are always busy.  

You can contact us for a free quote to handle your sofa collection and recycling.

Our other services

Besides sofa collection, recycling and disposal to prevent dumping in landfill and preserve the environment, we offer furniture and waste clearance services. Our services ensure you dispose of all unwanted items in your house.

Our professionals handle both residential and commercial removal, including:

  • Office waste clearance
  • Household waste removal and disposal
  • Hazardous waste collection
  • Complete waste clearance
  • Office waste clearance

Our services cover all areas in London and aren’t charged hourly. We offer affordable removal and clearance services in London. Our prices are unbeatable, and we offer excellent services.

You can call Waste Removal London today on 020 37450982 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our Sofa Removal Disposal Collection services.


It depends on the sofa. Some sofa materials aren’t recyclable, which makes recycling a whole sofa difficult, but we will recycle any material that can undergo recycling in your sofa. If recycling your old sofa is possible, we will.

Yes. If the sofa fits, you can put the sofa in a skip. However, this means your sofa will go to a landfill. Dumping a sofa in a landfill isn’t environmentally friendly. You should consider contacting a waste collection service to collect and recycle the sofa. Alternatively, send the sofa to a local refurbishment company to restore it.

We will provide a quick quote when you contact us for your sofa removal. The cost of your sofa removal will depend on the size and type of furniture.

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Same Day Services

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