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Man and Van London Service
Man and Van London Service

Man and Van Waste Removal in London

Our man-and-van rubbish removal starts only from £45

If you face issues to dispose of your waste, we are excited to bring permanent solution to our disposal problems. At Waste Removal London, we will take proper care of everything from beginning to end.

Our man-and-van service is available all over London dealing with all sort of junk removal exercises. Whether you want to get rid of some old waste or renovate a room we can provide necessary help.

Our man-and-van removal in London enables easy, convenient and fast clearance of the property. We will visit to your premises to load all the junks including carpets, mattress, garden waste, furniture and lots more.

When it is about waste removal, we understand the every job is unique. So, we offer an extensive range of junk removal services to meet your requirements. Rest assured that our friendly and experienced removal crew will perform efficiently and quickly in order to clean the property with minimal disruption.

Why should you choose our Man-and-a-van service?

  • Available on bank holidays and weekends without any additional cost
  • Fully certified and insured waste removal experts
  • Flexible costs on the basis of amount of collected waste
  • Reasonable rates for rubbish collection
  • Same day waste collection and disposal

Why you should recycle your rubbish?

Certain benefits are there to recycle the old junk. Some top reasons to switch to recycling are:

  • Conservation of resources and sustainability- It consumes less energy than producing new items from scratch
  • Environment-friendly- Recycling reduces waste amount ended up in incinerators and landfills
  • Pollution-free- Recycling lessens earth pollution which is obvious with production of new products
  • Supports local economy- Recycling opens job opportunities and scopes and helps in building businesses in this industry

If you have any rubbish to dispose of consider recycling using our man-and-van London junk removal service.

Which rubbishes does our man-and-van service in London pick up?

Bulky waste- Waste which is excessively big to fit in standard bin including appliances, white goods, mattresses and furniture

Green waste- Comprises of flowers, plants, leaves, garden cuttings and plant pots

Recycling- Tins, plastic bottles, cardboard and paper

Domestic waste- It includes everything which you don’t need any more like electricals, toys and clothes.

Hazardous waste- You should contact us before if there is any hazardous items you want to remove.

Building waste- Including building materials and rubble of construction sites.

Our man-and-van waste removal services pick up all sorts of rubbishes from your businesses and home. We own our fleet of vans starting from small van to large 7.5 tonnes truck to load all kinds of waste. Our friendly and experienced team is always there to help you with your queries.

We serve throughout London and are insured and licensed for clearing every kind of junk.

How to lessen the cost of man-and-van waste removal service in London?

When planning for waste clearance, you should make the things easy for the waste removal team. It means you should keep the waste at a place and the team doesn’t need to roam here and there within the property to look for it.

Most importantly, you must keep general waste separate from recyclable waste as it helps you to get more recyclable material that reduces cost of disposal. It will reduce the waste amount ending up in landfill conserving the natural resources in better way.

Also there is any items in good working condition then you can donate them to charities or resale them. It includes furniture, clothes, books and much more. Never pay any company in advance for the job. Many companies try to impress you with cheap quote and then ask for non-refundable deposit or attendance fee. Some also incur high charge to arrive and give estimation for the job. Now you need to choose between these two. Instead of believing them, you can rely on us as we incur cost only after finishing the job and our quotes are always obligation free.

More, we keep fair and transparent pricing. So, you can know for what we charge the cost without any hidden nasty surprises.

Benefits of choosing a licensed man-and-van service

By using licensed waste disposal company in London like us, you can rest assure that all waste will be disposed of in correct manner. We always hold valid registration certificate of the waste collector to ensure you that our team has the authority to dispose of and transport the waste.

We at Waste Removal London dispose of the waste by transporting them to authorised sites for recycle, reuse and destruction. Most people don’t know that they too are responsible for proper disposal of their waste. With the help of licensed waste clearance company, your waste will be disposed of in eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Our team has many years of experience in this industry all over London. When you hire us for collection and disposal we offer necessary documents to prove that we comply with health and safety guidelines for disposal.

You can call Waste Removal London today on 020 37450982 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our man-and-van rubbish clearance service in London.


Provided you fill out the Inventory List form or supply your personal Inventory List, then is your Goods in Transit insurance acceptable, and your property securely packed and hauled.

The minimum fee for a single packer is 2 hours, and it's 3 hours for two packers.

Yes, it is. And you can edit details of your quote, including time, date, size of van, address, property size and the likes, on our website. Our team cannot adjust your quote.

Absolutely! We would never send you a van that is smaller than your choice during booking. There are cases we send a bigger size van; however, we always give out a van that can carry the specified property, except you have changed your mind and need a larger van.

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Same Day Services

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