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Garden Clearance
Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance Services London

Have you been on vacay or business trip for some time now? Or do you simply not have the time to clean your garden? You know what? There's no need to bother yourself with that anymore. Just call us, and we will give your garden the best clearance and maintenance that would make it very comfortable for you and yours.

Every garden, whether small or big, needs to be clean. We are talking about removing waste and pests from your lovely trees, flowers and plants. At Waste Removal London, we are heavily skilled in taking out a plethora of waste. Our garden clearance service is up-to-date even as we have the right tools to trim hedges and take out old trees, bushes, and leaves.

Clearing a garden is not an easy job. You would have to clean and clear drains, fallen leaves, broken branches, debris, and natural waste, etc.

We can help you do all of these. And our service is one of the finest. How about our fee? We charge a moderate amount. And our dedicated team will leave your garden looking spotlessly clean and hygienic. You will be greatly satisfied and able to relax in your beautiful garden afterwards.

What do we do in garden clearance?

This is a simple breakdown of how we clean gardens in London.

  1. Reach out to us. Call us on 020 37450892, and our friendly customer service will respond without delay.
  2. Book your garden clearance appointment. Choose a day and time that fits into your schedule. If you give us a call before 10am, we can perform a same-day clearance.
  3. Garden clearance. We will move into your garden, clear up the debris professionally and load them up.
  4. The collected green waste will be taken to a functional recycling plant to be recycled.
  5. Your garden is ready. You can now sit out and have fun in your meticulously clean and attractive garden.

Our team is highly trained and has the licence to perform garden clearance following your needs and considering your garden type. And if you have questions, ask us, we can provide answers.

Another important thing is kindly ensure you give detailed information on how you want your garden to be cleaned, particularly if the cleaning will not be supervised. This way, our team will be guided accordingly and do a job that you will love. So, give us that call now.

Our garden clearance coverage

On our team are the best gardeners and equipment that shows we are ready for garden clearance in London. And we have a special van that carries the collected green waste.

Knowing full well that your garden is a place for relaxation, an atmosphere for fresher air and growing some special plants, we employ only safe garden clearance methods to keep your garden condition intact hence preserving the environment.

We sort removed garden waste and give out items that are still of value and recycle or trash the remaining. What do you want for your garden as per cleaning? Just say it, and we will do it for you. Our service covers the entire London.

See what we do in garden clearance:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Take out plants, leaves and mow the grass
  • Cut down or take out trees that are old
  • Clear garden weeds
  • Remove overused compost bins and water cans
  • Remove plant pots and garden decor
  • Clear out old garden furniture
  • And whatever else that makes your garden unattractive

Price of garden clearance London


Loading Time

Cost (minus VAT)

Least fee or 50kg

10 minutes


1/4 or 300kg

20 minutes


2/4 or 500kg

40 minutes


3/4 or 800kg

50 minutes


Full van or 1000kg

60 minutes


Note the following

  • The highest volume of load the van can carry is 14 cubic yards (same thing as 2.5 skips).
  • Any estimate you get from our customer care in an email or over a phone call is not the overall cost. The reason is they are unable to factor in the volume of garden waste, parking and access to the building.
  • Our prices are determined by loading time, volume, and weight. And if we are clearing appliances and furniture, we consider packaging and dismantling.
  • We take an additional fee when it is not easy to get to the building

At Waste Removal London, we make garden clearance colourful, just like you would love. Whether you choose to supervise us or not, we will leave you satisfied at the end of the day. We are readily available to be contacted and asked any questions concerning garden clearance in London.

You can call Waste Removal London today on 020 37450982 or send us a Whatsapp or email to book our garden cleaning and maintenance services. We target building trust in our services by always delivering the best in garden cleaning and maintenance.

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Same Day Services

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