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Fridge & Freezer Disposal
Fridge & Freezer Disposal
  • Remove broken fridge of various sizes
  • Collect the old fridge across London
  • 2-men team for your professional assistance
  • Fully equipped, punctual and always prepared
  • Proper disposal of old fridge

Freezer Fridge Removal and Disposal in London

Fridge and freezer contains hazardous gases which impact the healthy badly. So, you need to dispose of them in proper manner. We at Waste Removal London have the license to collect fridge freezer in London and dispose of them. Our company has professional team to provide fridge freezer removal in London conveniently. Apart from refrigerator, we also have the experience to deal with other waste and junk removal services.

How we remove and dispose of old fridge

Firstly, we arrange a team of 2 professionals who will reach your property fully prepared and equipped to remove the fridge. Then we will lift and load your old appliance into our van. Remember, we care for the size as it impacts the load of the van. As small as the fridge is as lower the removal cost. Also large fridge occupies plenty of space and heavy that deems for additional strength. We offer easy fridge disposal process. To assure you with smooth disposal we will arrange everything for you. We are just a call away! Book our same day fridge disposal service online.

Commercial fridge disposal in London

Commercial fridge freezer disposal is the toughest job as it consumes plenty of time. However with a reliable private fridge disposal company like us you can save both of your money and time while getting rid of the item at the same time. Our commercial fridge removal in London service is available throughout the week. We collect any commercial fridge despite the condition and size from any property. Our team is experienced and trained in picking up bulky waste to remove the commercial fridge properly. We remove bulky amount of heavy junk on a daily basis and well aware of safe and quick disposal. You can get in touch with us for hassle-free fridge removal service as we provide it according to your convenient time. 

What we offer you

  • Fridge freezer collection service across London

    We have team to provide you with fridge freezer disposal service across London.

  • Fridge freezer removal from any building

    We are highly experienced in removal of fridge from a narrow and hard space. If your apartment is on upper floors of the building we can conveniently remove the appliance from there.

  • Eco-friendly methods for proper fridge freezer disposal

    Our trained team carries out commercial fridge removal as we have many years of experience to remove heavy appliances. We fully comply with the proper waste removal and disposal from the property assuring you to remove your item properly.

  • Every type of fridge freezer disposal

    We never mind whether your fridge is small or large as our team will dispose it off in a while.

  • Both disposal and recycling of fridge freezer

    Certain appliances like fridge freezer are dangerous as they contain harmful gases. Being an eco-friendly company, we ensure removal of the fridge perfectly and recycle of harmful items.

  • Affordable fridge removal cost

    We always offer our services at transparent and fair price. Our cost depends on the items number which you want to dispose of the property and the space it occupies in van.


How to get rid of old fridge?

Simple you can put your old fridge or freezer for sale or donate it to any charity which accepts old appliances. Next option is to take the appliance to Local Scrap Metal Recycler if you own any means of transport. or else, you need to hire licensed and reliable fridge removal company. 

Who can pick up the old fridge freezer at free of cost?

You need to wait for the waste collection day from the local municipality to pick up the fridge freezer at free of cost.

Does scrap metal collector pick up fridges?

There is a pale chance that the local scrap metal yard will collect the old fridge as it needs special treatment to recycle.

How much fridge disposal will cost?

The fridge removal cost relies on the method of disposal you choose. If you go with the professionals, the cost will range from £30-£150 depending on your fridge size.

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