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Fly tipping rubbish collection
Fly tipping rubbish collection

Fly Tipping Clearance London

Fly-tipping is the major problem in London, costing a lot yearly to remove them. We, at Waste Removal London specialise in fly tipped waste clearance and litter picking removal service for both domestic and commercial clients. Our licensed, insured and experienced staffs comply with section 33 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 and Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 to perform the services.

What is fly-tipping?

Fly tipping is illegally depositing waste onto land that isn’t licensed to accept the waste.

How to access our fly-tipped waste removal services

Removing fly-tipped waste is easy when you contact Waste Removal London. We remove fly-tipped waste quickly while ensuring minimum impact on the environment. We sort out fly-tipped waste, removing the recyclable and reusable items. You can trust us to remove fly-tipped waste within 24 hours and dispose of and recycle them correctly.

When you contact us, our team will be at your location at the agreed time to remove the waste. If you accept the waste removal quote, we will proceed with the waste removal and give you a duty of care transfer note. This is proof that we will dispose of your waste correctly.

How to manage fly-tipped waste on land

  • Avoid opening drums and bags which are part of fly tipped waste as it can be contaminated or hazardous.
  • Maintain record details about when and where you found the garbage and click pictures where necessary.
  • Report the waste and make sure you do not touch or remove anything from rubbish pile.
  • Secure garbage so there is no tampering with it.
  • When fly-tipping is in progress, get in touch with the authorities right away.
  • Contact a registered waste carrier for fly tipping waste removal as you might be held responsible if you tamper with fly-tipped waste.
  • Keep documentation of the waste of who is taking them away.

How to eliminate fly tips

When hiring a professional company for waste and fly tip removal, get in touch with Waste Removal London. We possess the capability to dispose off waste in the most appropriate way in cases where there is hazardous waste. After clearing fly tipped waste, we ensure to make the area clean and tidy. Our qualified team of staff will address any legal, health and safety issues for taking the stress out of your mind. Some of our fly tipping services are the following:

  • Fly tipped waste removal from the pavements, private and public land and footpaths
  • Disposal of hazardous materials which include – gas canisters, construction waste and liquids
  • Fully trained and licensed staff to perform the task properly
  • Competitive quotes to perform all kinds of jobs, whether big or small
  • Try to communicate with the local authorities about fly tipping incidents
  • Quick response to avoid infestation by vermin and/or other animals.
  • Eliminate all kinds of waste which include – tyres, sharp objects, mattresses, refrigerators and furniture.
  • Keep the area clean and hygienic

How to make fly tip removal successful

At Waste Removal London, we provide same day response service for your efficient fly tip clearance process. When fly tip is not removed quickly, it may lead to huge fine. We are licensed and well-equipped with professionals who can identify and remove fly tips, while abiding by the government legislations.

After getting an inquiry, the team will be visiting the site for inspection of fly tipped rubbish and then come with necessary equipment and PPE to get rid of the waste. This may be separated into recyclable categories, wherever possible.

Why choose us for Fly Tipping removal

Fly tipping is a modern threat that will get worse with time. Though it is believed to be a criminal offence, our private properties, roadsides and lanes are generally used as unofficial dumping grounds. If this happens for your case, you probably want to take immediate action. We provide professional and cost-effective solution for doing it.

Our fly-tipped waste response service is for pathways, private lands and roadsides. There are situations when fly-tipped waste includes hazardous materials and so, hiring professional fly tipping services is advisable. Our network of connections will include one with national organization that can deal with fly tipping incidents in the UK. We believe in improving waste management and controlling fly tipped waste throughout the UK.

Thus, if you are in need of fly tipping clearance service in and around London area, we are your one-stop solution. Our wide range of vehicles and staff are dedicated to help get rid of illegal waste dump without worrying about environmental damage and ensuring the area is clean and tidy.

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