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2022 Guide: Waste Clearance and Rubbish Removal Cost

Development projects and home renovation can lead to a large pile of waste and rubbish which you need to remove. Even if you think of clearing a corner of your home the others can still be filled with heap of waste that deems proper disposal.

This guide will give you detailed overview about waste clearance and rubbish removal along the cost of rubbish removal. It also entails which factors impact the cost and how to save money on the waste removal services and how to find the suitable company. So, don’t miss reading it out.

What is the cost of waste clearance and rubbish removal?

Waste clearance and waste removal cost in London depends on your location in UK along the kind of junk you need to remove from your property.

Waste clearance and rubbish removal services will charge as per van load in cubic yards. Sometimes they also incur the charge as per the weight of collected rubbish. However, the waste removal service you select and the charge they will demand on the basis of amount of your junk will sum up the final cost.

Many companies take extra charge of £10-£15 due to additional time employees need to load the junk into the van. The approx cost of rubbish removal of 100kg is £60.

In case you have quarter loads of rubbish (200-300kg) then it will cost £80-£100 for removal. Half load rubbish (500-700kg) will charge you £140-£180. For removal for three-quarter of load (800-900kg) of junk you need to pay £200-£220. Full load (1000-1200kg) waste removal will charge you £240-£280.

For certain items, we have separate cost to remove and dispose of them. Check the individual costs for removal of TV, fridge and mattresses. Even you can ask us for no-obligation quotes. 

Factors contribute the cost of waste clearance and rubbish removal

Certain aspects have contributions to sum up the total cost of waste clearance and waste removal. Here, we will keep an insight into some common factors.

Quantity of waste or junk

The quantity of junk or waste is a key factor which will add to total cost of removal and disposal. In case any company charges as per load in van then may amount or quantity not matter but it is only applicable for a few cases. Sometimes they also consider the quantity to charge the cost of disposal.

You should understand that more waste needs more labourers to load them into the vans. It can spike up the total cost of waste and rubbish clearance. A full loaded van (1000-1200kg) can cost you £240-£280.

When you are not sure about the amount of your waste or rubbish in line to the policy of company then ask for site assessment. By this way you can get some idea on amount of waste you have the cost it may need to dispose them off in proper manner.      

Types of junk or rubbish

You must consider this factor prior to book any removal services for your waste or junk. A large variety of items can comprise domestic waste such as garden waste, building waste, brickwork, furniture, TVs, fridges, mattresses and so on. 

Most companies set a pricing policy for certain items as they are large to handle and dispose of.

  • TV removal can cost you £15-£20
  • Fridge removal will cost £50-£80

Some waste like raw meat waste, chemical waste and medical waste need expert hands to handle them.

Weight of rubbish or waste

In case you need to shift heavy materials like construction debris and bricks then you have to pay as per their weight as it is higher than volume. As heavy the waste is as expensive its disposal will be!

Moreover, rubbish or waste removal company has to bring special vans or trucks for disposal of the waste. Even it can consume more labour time. Disposal of heavy materials will be high and you must consider it before hiring any company for removal. 

National chain vs. Independent company

Irrespective of going with national chain or independent waste removal company, it will incur some cost of proper removal and disposal. In contrast to national chains, independent companies charge more as they will arrive in your premises to collect the waste.

How to save money on home rubbish removal

If you have any friends or family member to assist you then drive to a nearby tip and dispose of the waste on your own. By this way you can save the expense to hire a professional for waste removal from your property.

But before trying this out you must know that the waste you want to remove is easy to carry to the tip. This will consume less labour time. Also you can compare the quotes of skip hire companies and waste removal company to check which is more suitable for you.

Rubbish removal company or skip hire: which is cheaper?

It relies on the rubbish type you want to dispose of and how much your house is accessible. Skip hire will cost you £90 to £340 each week depending on skip size you hire along with the time all over the UK.

In London, the cost can be a bit high and it will range £130 to £390 each week. Even skip hire will contribute additional cost which you must consider before choosing them.

What involves in waste clearance or rubbish removal?

According to the weight or amount of waste or rubbish you have the company will send a few employees along with the vehicles to load and dispose them. The people who live in apartment or if your waste is on higher floor you must inform about it ahead.

It can incur some additional costs to remove them from your property without causing any disruption because of consumption of additional time and labour.

Before their arrival, ensure that you keep the waste fully ready and sorted to get picked up. It is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t dispose of any personal or confidential data from electronic devices accidentally.  

How to find a suitable waste removal company in London?

Always start your search with the recommendations from neighbours, friends and family. By this way you can find the reliable tradespeople. A reliable company will provide free and no-obligation quotes to compare and have peace of mind while you book their services.

Make sure the professional is reliable

It is always good to keep a note of questions to verify the company you choose is perfect for the service:

  • Obtain free and no-obligation quote from them to check the minimum charge they incur
  • Ensure that they are licensed and avoid fly-tipping
  • Inquire about their experience
  • Make sure that they are insured to carry out the services in your property

Final checklist

By using this checklist you can ensure to cut off extra cost for your waste removal:

  • If possible dispose of some waste by yourself
  • Always compare the quotes of the service of skip hire and rubbish removal company to check the right one suits your needs

Now, you have the idea what will make up your waste removal cost in London. So, choose a reliable company that provides the services at competitive prices. With them you can have peace of mind for proper waste disposal.

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