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IT Equipment Disposal IT Equipment Disposal
IT Equipment Disposal

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IT equipment disposal Westminster

IT and computers have significantly changed how we live. While they have improved living and simplified the way we carry out tasks, they also have a downside. Most devices store personal data that can cause serious harm when the device falls into the wrong hands.

The solution is to ensure your professional and personal hard drives, including IT assets, get properly disposed of when you do not need them. Waste Removal Westminster can provide easy, eco-friendly and safe IT equipment disposal.

Hard drive destruction and disposal

Our disposal and clearance team at Waste Removal Westminster are highly experienced in IT disposal, including hard drive and secure data destruction. We take pride in our data destruction services which meet the DOD standard. Our policies ensure full compliance with data destruction regulations and guarantee proper and permanent destruction of private information.

We also document the entire IT equipment and data destruction process with certificates and reports, ensuring complete transparency during every step.

We believe in protecting our clients’ privacy and protecting the environment, allowing us to reuse all reusable parts. We wipe all hard drives whether they still work or not. When the hard drive is 100% clean, we will send the working hard drives for reuse while we deconstruct the broken or old equipment into individual parts for reuse during the manufacturing of new appliances.

IT asset disposal

We advise companies to use our IT asset disposal services to prevent criminals from stealing their IT equipment and the data they contain. We completely erase data from IT equipment using different methods like degaussing hard drives, disk-wiping, and physical destroying IT hardware.

IT assets you need to dispose of properly include:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Computers
  • Smartphones

Why choose us for your IT and hard drive disposal needs?

Our main priority at Waste Removal Westminster is your privacy and safety, including for businesses and individuals. We are committed to ethical and eco-friendly disposal services and provide reliable services to ensure your peace of mind when disposing of professional or personal hard drives and IT items.

Our services include on and off-site paper shredding. Our professional disposal and clearance team will happily work around your schedule to offer convenient service, and we can tailor our clearance services to meet your needs.

You can contact us at 020 37450982 to get more information on our IT equipment disposal or book our professional services.

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