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Fridge and Freezer Disposal Fridge and Freezer Disposal
Fridge and Freezer Disposal

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Fridge and Freezer Disposal Westminster

Waste Removal Westminster is an authorised fridge and freezer collection and disposal service available to help people living in Westminster. And that is because we have the important requirements to acquire the licence. This means you can hire us to dispose of any fridge or freezer that is no longer working or cannot be repaired.

Keep in mind that our disposal is highly professional and responsible. Some persons may wonder: "why dispose of a fridge simply because it is broken?". The answer to that is simple. Freezers and fridges contain dangerous chemicals that can add more problems to the environment if they are carelessly trashed. More details on this are in the next paragraph.

Toxicity of old freezers and fridges in Westminster

To help preserve the community as per atmosphere, water sources and soil, we are responsible for legally disposing of fridges and freezers. These items contain toxic chemicals, including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or Freon common in old model refrigerators, and isobutane and tetrafluoroethane, etc. As if that is not enough, these equipment also carries regular chemicals like polystyrene and plastic.

Looking at the nature of these chemicals, there is nothing friendly about them. It, therefore, means that fridges and freezers should be carefully disposed of to prevent the spread of these chemicals into the environment and add to the pre-existing pollutants. One call is all it takes, and we will come straight to your home and take away that freezer or fridge.

What are the options for collecting freezers or fridges in Westminster?

There are different options via which we dispose of fridges. We run a general waste removal service which can cater for your old freezers alongside other common rubbish. Another option is to collect your fridge or freezer as a single item. Don't worry, as we are great at handling, carrying and lifting these home appliances. In so doing, the disposal is very fast, efficient and unproblematic.

How much does it cost to remove a freezer or fridge in Westminster?

There are different sizes and capacities of refrigerators. These factors determine the cost of collecting your undesired fridge. You may have a small plain fridge or the type that is a combination of a fridge and freezer with big double doors. Even the commercial type of freezers and fridges typical of local restaurants and factories are removed by our team.

Summarily we do:

  • Single fridge clearance
  • Fridge freezer disposal
  • Commercial fridge removal
  • American fridge freezer collection

We are right next to you for your freezer and fridge disposal. It is our pleasure to help you remove this very important piece of home appliance in the safest possible way, and you don't have to sweat paying for our service; it is affordable.

Are you ready to get an estimate for your broken or old refrigerator collection in Westminster? Don't forget to reach out to us on 020 37450982. and everything will be arranged.

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