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Electrical Appliance Disposal Electrical Appliance Disposal
Electrical Appliance Disposal

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Electrical Appliance Disposal Westminster

Don't worry anymore thinking about how to dispose of your old electrical appliances. Waste Removal Westminster is here to cater for your appliance disposal in Westminster. We offer door-to-door services, arriving on time to professionally load up these items and haul them to sites where they will be recycled. We dispose of electronics of big and small sizes, portable household devices and electrically powered stuff.

It gets even better should you need to quickly dispose of electrical appliances on the same day. Book the service, and our team will visit you to see and pick up the items for recycling, where they will be sorted and put back into use as best as possible.

What you should know about our appliance disposal in Westminster

  1. Call Waste Removal London. You can do this via 020 37450982 or send us an email.
  2. Receive a quote. For those appliances you need to dispose of, tell us what they are or take a picture of them and send and we will get you a quote.
  3. Book a date. A date and time that fits into your schedule is welcome by us. Calling in before 10a.m qualifies you for same-day appliance disposal.
  4. We clear your rubbish. Fit them in our van and go.
  5. We will take the unwanted appliances to a good recycling plant.

So, it is very simple to get our services - 5 steps, and you're done. What is most advantageous is booking at a time that you think is okay for you. And you point out those devices you no longer need and we will carry them away.

Either you send us photos of your old appliances, set apart the items you don't want again or see us in person to direct us on what and what should be removed. We follow the WEEE guidelines for disposing of electrical and electronic waste - this should be a great relief for you.

Items we collect and dispose of in Westminster

If it is electronic, size is not a problem we will remove it so far it is undesirable for your household or business. Our pick-ups are not restricted to a certain number - we bring enough vans to collect your old appliances and move everything in a single visit. Here are a few of the electrical equipment we collect:

  • Engines and motors
  • ACs
  • Boilers and water heaters
  • Irons and hoovers
  • Hoods
  • Radios
  • Hobs, gas stoves and cookers
  • Laptops, computers, tablets
  • Televisions
  • Lighting (chandelier, bedside lamps, external lights, etc)
  • Dishwashers
  • Power cables and electrics
  • Small and big appliances
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Dryers and washing machines

We can dispose of ANY item that is not on the above list. Call and tell us the item, ask for a quote, and we will remove it.

Conditions of appliances we remove in Westminster

The condition of the electrical equipment is not a problem - we dispose of appliances that are in any of these classes:

  • Dysfunctional or due for fixing. Customers typically call us to help dispose of devices that are no longer working for a long time. Again, they usually like to dispose of appliances that they have sent for repairs severally. Be it a long-standing malfunctioning electrical or an equip that just developed a fault; our team will come to get them.
  • Completely operational. Noisy electrical equipment is not easy to withstand, and often, a replacement is the solution. That the machine is still operating as it should is not a basis for tolerating serious disturbances. In fact, once equipment starts consuming too much energy, it would be encouraged that you replace it. We can help clear the old for the new to come in.
  • Are several equipment parts scattered around your garage or loft? Have you got so many old boxes making a home for roaches and pests? These are a nuisance. They occupy useful space and put you and your pets at risk as they carry rust, dust, and leak of toxic substances. We like to assist you in removing these things in the most professional way. Give us a call.

Cost of disposing of electrical appliances Westminster

Our services are sterling, yet the price is not above the ceiling. Our customers in Westminster can access our fine electrical appliance disposal for a good price. What device are you removing? We will arrange an estimate based on it. Our cost is calculated according to the size of the appliance and the time (duration) for collection and loading.

That's not enough information, right? Need a figure to work with? See that below so you can prepare ahead. However, the final price for your disposal will be given when we come by, evaluate the waste, and factor in extra costs that will likely incur, such as parking fees.


Cost (minus VAT)

Television or monitor






Washing machine


Keep these in mind:

  • 14 cubic yards (2.5 skips) is the highest capacity limit for a van.
  • There are other likely cost considerations like precise waste volume, access to the building, and parking fees which is why the final quote is not that given over the phone or email.
  • Our costing follows the time of loading, volume, weight, packaging and disassembling (where you have appliances and furniture).
  • Properties that are not easy to access may attract additional fees.

Rubbish removal that doesn't disappoint Westminster

We work to ensure that in your presence or absence, our work will speak for us. So, we commit everything to give out the best for rubbish removal in Westminster. Our previous jobs are proof of what we are saying. Got any questions for us, or you still like to know more? Drive down to 12 Hay Hill, London W1J 8NR and our friendly team will warmly receive you, or the easier method is to give us a call. Choose which is more convenient for you. Here, we are ever ready to provide support.

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