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Fly tipping rubbish collection Fly tipping rubbish collection
Fly tipping rubbish collection

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Fly tipping rubbish collection Westminster

Waste Removal Westminster offers professional and quick responses for fly-tipping and waste clearance. Our fully licensed fly-tipping removal professionals clear fly-tipped waste from public and private land and are available to clear waste safely to ensure the environment is safe and clean.

Our professionals will safely remove unwanted and fly-tipped waste, leaving the area free of hazardous materials, helping to restore the affected area to its natural state and reducing the risk of waste negatively impacting the environment, general public and wildlife.

What is fly-tipping rubbish collection?

Fly-tipping is illegally dumping waste onto land without a valid license to accept the waste or the landowner’s permission. Fly-tipping can result in serious environmental damage, especially if commercial or residential waste is hazardous.

Illegally dumped waste causes the breeding of pests and rodents in the local area, negatively affects people who come in contact with the waste and harm the environment. Fly-tipped waste also encourages more people to dump fly-tipped waste in the area. This makes professionally and safely removing fly-tipped waste important.

After clearing the fly-tipping area, we will take the registered waste transfer agent to process the waste material and ensure it gets disposed of following the waste disposal and environmental regulations.

Our fly-tipping waste removal services

We have experience working with local authorities, commercial organisations and landowners. Our fly-tipping waste removal services include:

  • Private land clearance

If you own land and have illegally dumped waste on it, we can safely remove the waste from your property and work to reduce the impact of the waste on your land.

  • Public land clearance

We provide safe and efficient fly-tipping clearance service for public areas like open spaces and parks. We also work with local authorities to safely remove the dumped waste on the land to benefit the local and public areas.

  • Hazardous waste removal

Illegally dumped waste usually contains poisonous, sharp, hazardous, and illegal substances. These substances may be directly dumped on the land or as a by-product from the w asset breaking down.  

Our professionals have experience in the safe removal of the most common types of waste and transport it to a licensed waste transfer station for processing, following the current environmental regulations.

  • City, town and village removals

We can remove illegally dumped waste in cities, villages, towns, and other urban areas where they can attract pests and rodents into properties, and the waste can block streets, pavements and roads for drivers, pedestrians and residents.

Residential property clearance

Our expert clearance team can remove years of accumulated rubbish, drug paraphernalia, and human waste from residential property.

Why choose Waste Removal Westminster

We are a leading and innovative clearance company in Westminster, offering top-rated rubbish removal, clearance and collection service. We have developed strong relationships with the social housing provider, local council, landowners and property managers in Westminster, delivering fly-tipping removal services.

Our waste collection and removal services are cost-effective, and we are available throughout the week. No waste clearance and the collection is too small or big. Whether you want a simple waste clearance or have a large area covered with fly-tipped waste, our expert team will efficiently handle it.

Feel free to contact our friendly clearance team on 020 37450982 for more information on our fly-tipping rubbish collection or to book our service.

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