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Furniture Removal Westminster

Renovating or changing a home usually poses the problem of handling heavy items. We are talking of the bulky stuff like sodas, mattresses, freezers and the like. Not carrying these things the right way can cause accidents resulting in injuries, damage, and serious fines.

Waste Removal Westminster is your best choice for furniture removal and disposal in Westminster - a plethora of these services are offered by our team, and you sure don't have a problem with us handling your old furniture disposal as we do it legally and without harming the environment.

Our services in Westminster

  1. If you need to relocate somewhere new, it will not be easy to transfer your fragile belongings without issues. But we prevent this from happening with our professional lifting and loading services; only give us a call. We have the tools to ensure your sofas, beds, mirrors, etc, are strapped in place and protected during loading and transportation so they can reach your new location looking fresh and intact.
  2. Studies have shown that only 1 in 10 persons is ready to fix old furniture. This means that the remaining 90% goes to landfills. Therefore, old furniture must be disposed of in ways that are friendly to the environment. And the good news is that with the right team, your old furniture will be recycled and used again, lowering the effect of these waste on the environment. You can get such a team at Waste Removal Westminster. We perform expert furniture clearance services that keep the environment safe and save you the penalty of heavy fines when your items are carelessly disposed of.

Our furniture removal services in Westminster

You can count on us to deliver furniture disposal correctly. Be it a relocation or simple disposal, we get done whatever you need to be done. How about same-day furniture removal? We offer that as well to help you ease the stress of clearing and hauling furniture all by yourself.

The interesting part is we have experience dealing with many different furniture. You can see our wide range of furniture disposal below.

Sofa Clearance

We collect and remove any kind of sofa: single, 2-, 3-seater sofas, and the material it is made of is not a challenge. In addition to our sofa clearance, we can help dispose of footrests, armchairs, and ottomans.

You will need every ounce of energy to lift and move sofas yourself, but save that energy for giving us instructions on what to carry and our guys will lift professionally and load all your unwanted sofas and haul them to your new place without a scratch on any item.

Mattress Clearance

When it is that time to replace your old mattress - the pros recommend a minimum of 7 years of usage; give us a call to come help you move that bed. Are you discarding your mattress because it is old or malfunctioning, or do you simply need a new one? We are here to remove that mattress and dispose of it responsibly.

Our mattress collection ranges from king-size, cot mattresses to sofa bed mattresses. In fact, all sizes and shapes of mattresses are removed by our highly trained team.

White goods clearance

The stiff WEEE regulations demand that white goods are disposed of properly, and failure to do so attracts hefty penalties. We have you covered for disposal of any white goods, be it a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, oven, food processor, etc.

We know exactly how to get these things disposed of and recycled. Our relationship with top-grade recycling plants enables us to see white goods maximally reused, so the environment does not suffer from dumping them irresponsibly.

Office furniture disposal

Don't like that office desk anymore? Does that chair no longer fit your new promotion? Will you need to change everything in your office: cabinets, chairs, electrics? We are the finest WEEE waste disposal team in Westminster offering careful disposal of electrical waste, including laptops, computers, printers, scanners, and others, in an eco-friendly, disturbance-free, and fast manner.

And you can book your office furniture removal when it is convenient for your business, and we will walk right in, get the unwanted items and leave as quietly as a mouse.

How our furniture removal in Westminster works

Well known for effective waste removal, including office furniture, we are bound to help you with removing undesired pieces of furniture from your workplace or home.

Here's how we do it.

  1. Reach out to our efficient customer service in Westminster should you be seeking a team to remove your old furniture. Tell them the items you are removing, when you will be around and how much you plan to spend. Following that, you will receive our zero-cost, zero-obligation quote.

  2. Schedule your collection. After considering our estimate, which usually is highly competitive, if you wish to carry on, you can tell us when you will be free, and we will pick that day and time for your furniture removal. This way, you have done your part. The next thing is you take a break, and our team will come around on the appointed day.

  3. We are fully prepared - tools and manpower- having been doing this job for years! So, we will show up early on the D-Day and begin to free your property of waste. When we finish loading them on our vans, our team will issue you a waste transfer note to ascertain that your rubbish will be disposed of the right way without disturbing the environment.

Here is why you need to hire us for furniture removal in Westminster

  • An experienced and professional team: You are looking at a team of furniture removers that are highly trained and qualified to do the job safely, expertly, and effectively. Getting us on your furniture disposal project is equivalent to highly functional furniture disposal that is friendly to the environment. All you need do is give us that call. We handle the lifting and loading.
  • Fine customer service: We have the best representatives that take their time to understand customer needs and ensure you get the right service. So, be rest assured that once you call, you will be speaking with people that know what furniture removal is about. In fact, you will understand better on the day of clearance when our special team shows up and start work.
  • Convenient appointments: Worried you may not find a furniture removal service that can come around when you need them to? That's in the past! Our appointments are fixed according to your schedule. So whether you will be free in the morning, afternoon, evening or on holidays, you can be sure we will be there for you, even during weekends. And we work fast and efficiently removing furniture that is not fit for your space.
  • Transparent and moderate price: Different furniture will be removed at different costs; however, the price is pocket-friendly. Whether it is one, two or three pieces of furniture you are removing, we assure you that it will be affordable. And we are very transparent with prices, so you don't get the shock of unexpected charges after we finish the clearance.
  • We ensure that all our customers' budgets for furniture removal are applicable by using competitive rates. For a small price of £50, we can remove your furniture though it comes down to:
  • Your location
  • How much waste are we to remove
  • The type of rubbish to be removed (bulky, white goods, etc)
  • Your timing for waste clearance (same-day or regular)
  • Location of your old furniture
  • How much access do we have to your property
  • Any additional charges that may likely show up like parking fees, permits, etc
  • If it is a household or commercial removal

The quote we issue you covers all that is necessary to remove your furniture - the men, access to recycling sites and disposal centres. You won't pay higher than required to have us remove your furniture.

Do bear in mind that it may be a bit costly to remove commercial waste compared to household junk since the volume is quite much, and the disposal is different.


By taking it to the recycling plant in your area. However, there may be some glitches with using local recycling plants. Most of them don't collect commercial rubbish, disallow vans, open at different hours, and are not close to your location. So, you need to plan before time. And taking the waste yourself means driving it down on your own, which may not be easy.

But there is a much more efficient and quicker way of removing furniture waste. Hire a competent waste removal company like us and prepare for proficient, exceptional, and flexible removal.

Sure, we remove furniture from any kind of building in Westminster. Be it a highrise or bungalow; our team is highly trained for furniture removal - it's our pride!

We have comprehensive insurance to compensate our clients in the event that their property is damaged or lost during a furniture removal. But we trust our team to be careful enough not to let you be concerned about loss compensation.

Why not. We are a professional removal company and great at furniture disassembly and reassembly. We have different sizes of vans to accommodate large to small size furniture. So, yes, we can remove large furniture.

We at Waste Removal Westminster remove any kind of furniture, including a chest of drawers, garden furniture, cupboards, cabinets, bookshelves, mattresses, desks, tables, chairs, sofas and wardrobes. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service on 020 37450982 for the removal of items you are not convinced we collect, and we will happily discuss it with you.

No matter how far your old place is from your new location, we can conveniently remove your furniture and make them available on time. We are a flexible company; you will love our services.

While we are trained to do so, we may not because we have varying sizes of vans to carry big items. We will just look for a van that can carry your furniture. However, if it becomes necessary that we would break apart your furniture and reset them, we will do it professionally.

Knowing how uneasy it is to relocate plus the time limits we provide same day furniture removals. You can book our services online round-the-clock and this is very useful should you be planning furniture removal or moving it as quickly as possible. Ask about our service using your own schedule, and we are flexible enough to assist you.

Roundabout Westminster, we remove furniture from door to door. Because we are fully qualified and experienced to do this, don't hesitate to schedule your furniture removal when it suits you.

Waste Removal Westminster takes recycling very serious and we do it for every waste we collect up to 90%. So, yes, your furniture will be recycled. What we usually tell our customers is to reach local charities or organisations that can find a use for their old furniture should they still be usable. Take, for instance, homeless shelters, women's refugees and any local unprivileged setting.

It comes down to how much waste you have and your location. In fact, our price follows the disposal we are handling.

We do all the lifting - it is included in our furniture removal service. You are not expected to do anything but relax and watch.

As a matter of fact, we are not like the council collection service that requires you to keep the furniture outside before they arrive. This means you must lift. But our men will move into your home or office and lift the furniture one after the other. You won't be doing any hard work.

Many of them accept old furniture under bulky waste clearance, but they are likely to ask for a fee. A good number of them remove at most five items per time. This may not meet your needs, especially if you need more items removed. However, get in touch with the local council collection authority to know if they accept old furniture and the cost.

Provided the furniture is still usable, you can hand it over to a local charity, and they will make it available for those who need them for free. But the issue with this service is that you may have to wait a long time as the service gets a lot of demand. This makes local charities not a good choice for quick removal of furniture.

For some furniture resale, the fire label is a legal requirement, and charities won't take furniture that doesn't have the label. Check out local charities in your area if you need to give out your old furniture.

We are not a charity. What we do is recycle, not sell. Yes, we can accept sofas having no fire labels. This means we are your go-to for old furniture that charity will not take.

As waste removers, we are able to assemble your furniture and have it recycled in the most appropriate way.

Yes. Not only your sofa but anything furniture is not allowed on the street. The reason is that it would become a harbour for pests and rodents, pollute the community and make the area unpleasant. But you are allowed to tip your sofa on the street should you have prearranged for the local council to come collect it and you have proof. For instance, the local council will ask that you keep your furniture outside where they can see it. Fly-tipping is a major offence in the UK, and offenders may go to prison or pay heavy fines.

As the law-abiding citizen that you are, please contact Waste Removal Westminster to remove your sofa quickly, expertly and effectively, and you won't have to be fined.

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