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Event clearance Event clearance
Event clearance

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Event clearance Westminster

If you need a reliable event clearance company in Westminster, contact Waste Removal Westminster. We offer high-quality and exceptional event waste clearance services at an affordable cost.

Why choose us for your event clearance?

  • Guaranteed affordable and reliable service
  • Friendly and professional event clearance team
  • Quality assurance certificate
  • Available for event clearance throughout Westminster

Cost of event waste clearance

If the weight, size, sort or quantity of waste differs from or exceeds the initially specified waste, you may need to pay an extra charge after the event waste clearance.

We calculate event waste clearance based on the pricelist below.



Cubic yards

Max weight 

Equivalent to


Full load

60 min



60 bin bags


¾ load

50 min



50 bin bags


½ load

40 min



40 bin bags


1/3 load

30 min



30 bin bags



20 min



20 bin bags


Minimum load

10 min



8 bin bags


The prices above are based on the weight and volume of the waste

  • We charge for disposing of heavy materials like concrete, bricks, hardwood, soil and rick based on weight and not volume. Our trucks have electronic scales to measure the accurate weight of the load
  • We have a weight rate for measuring load volume – a cubic yard per 100kg. For example, if your load weighs 1000kg, your charge will be for ten cubic yards. This also applies even for small loads below ten cubic yards
  • We can easily estimate the cost of load by considering that a bag of soil, concrete or rubble holds about 30 – 50kg, so loading 24 bags will cost about 1000kg
  • Late appointments incur surcharges – after 6 pm, the surcharge is £20. After 8 pm, the surcharge is £40, and after 10 pm, a surcharge of £50 applies

Other charges



Each fluorescent tube

Due to its disposal method


Each litre of paint

Due to its disposal method


Weekend charge

Due to the cost of additional labour


Extra 10 minutes of labour

If we exceed the stipulated loading time


Monitor or TV

Due to its disposal method



Due to its disposal method


Commercial fridge

Due to its disposal methods


Extra heavy waste

Due to its disposal method


These prices are also based on the weight and volume of the collected waste.

  • The prices include disposal feeds, transport, loading and labour
  • If accessing the rubbish is difficult, we may charge extra for labour, and if we exceed the loading time, additional labour of £10 per 10 min applies
  • If you haven’t packed the rubbish, we will assemble and pack it, but this incurs additional charges for packing materials
  • The surcharges for late appointments also applies

Additional charges

Congestion and parking fees or fines

As incurred

Appointments past 6 pm


Appointments after 8 pm


Appointments after 10 pm


Last minute cancellation


Item requiring eco-fees



Computer monitor and TV




UPS/car battery


Aircon unit and domestic fridge


Commercial freezer/fridge unit


If your load exceeds 1000kg or 12 cubic yards and you need more than a full load of the van, we can arrange a second visit at our normal rates.

You can call Waste Removal Westminster on 020 37450982 to book our event clearance service.

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