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Wait and Load Skip Hire Alternative Wait and Load Skip Hire Alternative
Wait and Load Skip Hire Alternative

Have a break, Let Us handle your waste removal!

Wait and Load Skip Hire Alternative Kensington

We provide a more suitable alternative waste clearance to skip hire in Kensington. Be it a residence or an office, our wait-and-load skip alternative will fulfil all your waste disposal needs. What's more? It is more affordable and faster. Our elite team will come at a convenient time and load up your junk.

More reasons why you should get our skip hire alternative:

  • All your junk is loaded by our men into our vans
  • There is no need for pricey permits for skip placement
  • We clean up and tidy after ourselves
  • Our rate is calculated by how much of our van space your junk takes (this excludes items like bricks, rubble, and others)
  • You get a same-day junk removal
  • We collect and dispose of all types of junk

For both electrical and non-electrical waste, we collect everything. We can give you a quote if you are not certain of your volume of waste. Those stuff you cannot keep in a skip; our team will pick them up for disposal, including paints, TV, freezers and other white goods.

Skip hire may not be a good choice in Kensington because:

  1. You may likely have to buy a costly skip permit
  2. You may not find it easy to fill up the skip with your junk
  3. You may have difficulty getting a place for the skip

Points 1 to 3 will be taken care of when you hire our wait-and-load skip-hire alternative: zero need for a permit, and our men will load your junk for you. It's even much better since we only charge you based on  how much of our van space your junk takes, plus we run a same-day waste removal which takes immediate care of junk you don't want to have around for much longer.

Won't a skip be better for collecting a tonne of waste? You might end up wasting time and money if you go for a skip to collect plenty junk. This is because this option comes with a great deal of carbon footprint, acquiring a skip permit isn't always easy, and appliances are not usually dumped in skips. Going with our service will save you all these inconveniences and make your junk disposal even faster. We have a strong team for all heavy lifting on your behalf. And we can help dispose your appliances.

We are your local, friendly, expert skip-hire alternative in Kensington

Using a high-level, experienced junk removal team like us gives you a chance to tap into our wealth of knowledge and be better advised on responsible waste disposal. With us, you are able to comply readily with waste disposal laws and lower the release of carbon into the atmosphere. Waste Removal Kensington skip hire alternative allows you to relax while we do your junk removal. Our customers continue to patronise and refer us to a large number of other customers. If you are up for cheap and reliable waste disposal with less carbon footprint, reach your phone and dial 020 37450982.

At Waste Removal Kensington, we also offer white goods disposal, kitchen appliance disposal, construction waste disposal and many more. We are an on-demand waste collection company. Let's hear from you today.

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Same Day Services

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