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Kitchen Appliances Disposal Kitchen Appliances Disposal
Kitchen Appliances Disposal

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Kitchen Appliances Disposal Kensington

The appliances used for cooking, baking and other kitchen chores do not last forever. They break down as time goes by. If you take them for repairs, it's possible not to have them back in good condition; hence time and money may be wasted. Should you choose a replacement, it leaves you with the responsibility of removing the faulty appliances out of the way.

We can help carry the responsibility of disposing of your broken kitchen appliances in Kensington. Waste Removal Kensington is your number-one choice for removing any kitchen appliance you don't need anymore. Using highly skilled personnel, we assure you of the highest standard of ethical disposal of these items.

Small kitchen appliances we remove in Kensington

Here is a list of some of the small kitchen appliances we dispose of, and should you own one or more of these items, you will likely dispose of them someday:

  • Food processor
  • Rice cooker
  • Espresso machine
  • Slow cooker
  • Electric grill
  • Fryer
  • Hand mixer
  • Juicer
  • Toaster oven
  • Popcorn machine
  • Multi-cooker
  • Egg cooker
  • Immersion circulator

We are not limited to the above list of small kitchen appliances as per disposal. If you have an appliance not mentioned here, find out from our friendly team if we can remove it.

Our kitchen appliance disposal in Kensington is highly safe because we do it in an eco-conscious manner. Many of the appliances are recycled or given to charity or used as pieces of decoration.

Getting your kitchen appliances ready for disposal in Kensington

  • Unplug the kitchen appliance from the electric source prior to having them removed. In the case of freezers and fridges, unplug them a day before the disposal date.
  • Keep recyclable items apart from non-recyclable items. Make sure the glass and plastic parts are separated.
  • Remove detachable power cables from appliances that come with such - it can work for other kitchen appliances with a power plug that's similar.
  • Look out for local recycling plants. Ask Google, your local authority and local platforms on recycling.
  • What will you use to haul the appliances for disposal? Your car or a hired van? Where you hope to gift still working kitchen appliances, you may not pay to move them.
  • Think about packing up the kitchen appliances in cheap boxes. While plastic boxes may be expensive, boxes of cardboard may not cheaper

Plan to hire a removalist

You can see that the process of removing your kitchen appliances yourself is energy-sapping. Why not turn to professionals like Waste Removal Kensington and get it done without fuss? We are specialist kitchen appliance removal company and we have lots of experience.

See the benefits that come with hiring us for Kensington kitchen appliance disposal:

  • Time saving
  • Save your vehicle the stress of moving around looking for recycling plants
  • Save your energy as we already know reputable local recycling plants
  • We can also remove other types of junk from your home
  • No risk of getting hurt from lifting heavy items
  • No stress with researching local disposal regulations as our team is conversant with the laws of disposing of appliances

Alternatives to kitchen appliances recycling

If you cannot recycle or dispose of your old kitchen appliances, another option to consider is selling them off, especially the ones that are still working. For kitchen appliances resale, think of:

  • Reaching out to friends that you believe might find the appliances useful. They may not pay for it; however, you will be doing someone a favour
  • Set up a garage sale for those around you
  • Reach out to your parents to gift them your kitchen appliances

Online sales

It is not unusual to sell off things you no longer have use of. However, it is important to know how to get your stuff ready for online sales. Not everyone knows very well how to sell things on the digital market. This is why some sell just a few to nothing.

Here are some useful tips that will help you with online sales of kitchen appliances:

  • Snap the appliance from a good angle, and don't take a group picture of items except you are selling  everything at a discount
  • Create appealing headlines for your ad sales because it will attract potential customers
  • Tell the truth about the condition of your appliances so you don't get negative testimonials on the platform you will use for repeat sales. Falsehood might see your items returned at your detriment
  • List your local area just so those living around and interested in buying can turn up
  • Give details of your purpose of selling for a less suspicious ad
  • Give your buyers a prompt response

Rather than stress yourself taking care of kitchen appliance disposal, feel free to reach out to Waste Removal Kensington on 020 37450982 and let's discuss your kitchen appliance disposal needs.

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