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Furniture Removal Kensington

A critical aspect of a home or office relocation is moving and disposing of heavy furniture. If done wrongly, you can hurt, destroy a part of the furniture, or pay an expensive fine.

If you have old furniture, Waste Removal Kensington will help you dispose of them eco-consciously; we do the heavy lifting.

We offer these at Waste Removal Kensington

  • Relocation services: Our professional team can help you transport bulky and fine furniture during your move. This way, damage doesn't come to your furniture. We have the relevant tools for the safe haulage and delivery of home and office furniture in Kensington.
  • Clearance services: When you need to dispose of old furniture, remember to do so in an eco-friendly manner because not a lot of people do that. We target achieving a green environment which is we recycle furniture or put them to other use as much as possible. You evade heavy fines by using Waste Removal Kensington furniture disposal because we know and follow the rules of responsible disposal.

What kind of furniture removal do we offer in Kensington?

Whether you want old furniture disposed of, need a hand to safely transport your delicate furniture to a new location, or need same-day furniture removal, we are your trustworthy furniture removal company. We ease the stress of moving bulky furniture around.

We offer specialist riddance of WEEE waste, sustainable disposal of sofas of various types and sizes and lots more.

Waste Removal Kensington offers:

Sofa removal

Sofas of varying materials and sizes, including furniture like armchairs, ottomans, footrests and others, are safely disposed of by our experienced team. You will not lift any heavy sofa; our men will do it for you. No sofa is allowed to fall or get damaged when we handle your sofa removal in Kensington.

Mattress removal

If at the end of 7 years which is the age recommended by experts for mattress disposal, you need help with removal, kindly contact us for assistance. We remove old and tired mattresses and help remove broken ones to create space for replacement. Our mattress disposal is green!

Any size and shape of mattress you have: king-size, cot, sofa bed mattress, etc, we will securely dispose of them for you.

White goods removal

All those old and faulty freezers, fridges, washing machines, laptops, computers, tablets, etc used in your home or office, our operatives can take them off your hands and responsibly get rid of everything, of course following WEEE regulations.

We recycle your white goods and put those that are still in order to further use.

Office furniture removal

Have you just expanded your business and like your office to breathe fresh air? Or your office furniture is old and needs a change? We can help with office furniture and IT equipment disposal. These include printers, laptops, hard drives, desks, filing cabinets, chairs, and the rest of them.

We run a schedule-fitting office furniture removal that won't create any disturbance to office operations.

What is Waste Removal Kensington furniture removal like?

We love for our customers to easily access our furniture removal services because your convenience is very important to us. So, it works in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Step out and enquire: Got some furniture litter around and need removal? Let us know by giving us a call on 020 37450982. We will give you a zero-cost quote to get to know your needs, budget and when you'll be around.
  2. Get an appointment fixed: Your appointment post-acceptance of our highly competitive quote will be fixed so our operatives can come in and remove your unwanted furniture when it best suits you.
  3. Furniture removal: Our team will come prepared to uninstall and move your furniture, be it at the office or home on a set day. Rest assured, we have all tools and equipment for safe and secure removal. We will give you a waste transfer note before leaving to certify that the disposal will be green and effective.

Why choose us?

We have experience and competence

Our operatives are happy to remove furniture and are greatly experienced in moving a wide array of furniture securely and expertly. Hiring us will make you relax because we will do the lifting and  dispose of your furniture only in an eco-conscious way.

Signature customer attention

Friendly, attentive, understanding, and expertise are a few words that describe us at Waste Removal Kensington. We will not hurriedly book your furniture removal appointment without first explaining the procedure and all the costs involved. We believe in making you understand furniture removal before going on to do the job. Be sure you won't be stunned by any additional fee.

Schedule-fitting appointments

When will you be relaxed to have us come remove your furniture? In the early hours of the morning? Late in the afternoon? Or during weekends? No matter what time you choose, be rest assured we will come collect your old furniture and maintain decorum while doing so.

Good price

All furniture we remove go for varying rates; however, our price is affordable and good. We do this to allow the people in Kensington to get furniture removal services. And we don't add any surprise charges; we clear you on cost from the start and maintain our quoted price.

The cost of furniture removal in Kensington

Our customers love our transparent and highly competitive prices. And we don't compromise disposal standards! What we quote is what you pay for to get your furniture professionally and safely discarded in an eco-friendly fashion.

Removals at our company cost as low as £50. But it will change because of the following factors:

  • Where you live
  • Waste quantity our team will be removing
  • Waste type our team will be removing. Some wastes are hazardous, clinical and so on
  • How quickly do you need us to clear your junk
  • Where you have kept your unwanted furniture
  • The ease of parking near your building
  • Whatever additional costs could come up, like parking and permits
  • Is it a residential or business removal

Our furniture removal quote covers all that it takes to clear your old furniture: the operatives, recycling plant and disposal site charges. Be assured that you won't pay beyond the normal charge for furniture removal Kensington.

FAQs about furniture removal Kensington

Your local recycling plant is where you can take your old furniture to when you are disposing of it yourself. However, recycling plants have limitations on waste management. Many of them are far away, don't accept vans and commercial junk and are open for operation at different times. Based on this, you need to plan DIY furniture disposal on time. Moving your furniture to a local recycling site can be difficult.

Ease all these stress with a quick and functional solution like Waste Removal Kensington for your furniture disposal. What is your schedule like? We will work with it to collect and dispose of your junk expertly.

We collect furniture from flats and other buildings across Kensington. Should you live in a bungalow or highrise building, our expert team will easily remove your furniture.

Waste Removal Kensington offers adequate compensation if your furniture gets lost or damaged while they are being removed. And that's because we have full insurance coverage for removals. But bear in mind that with experts like us, it becomes increasingly difficult to have any problems with your furniture removal.

Absolutely. We take care of furniture that is small, moderate or big in size. Our team can disassemble, lift, load, and reassemble any furniture size using our wide range of vans.

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