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Fridge and Freezer Disposal Fridge and Freezer Disposal
Fridge and Freezer Disposal

Have a break, Let Us handle your waste removal!

Fridge and Freezer Disposal in Kensington

Removing your fridge and freezer in Kensington has become faster and more convenient. Yes, Waste Removal Kensington has come to help you quickly get rid of old appliances for a fair price.

Granted, taking out the fridge and freezer is not easy; however, our professional team with loads of experience makes it simpler and unproblematic.

From day to day, we lift and load heavy appliances for customers and dispose of them legally. So, are you up for household disposal or does your freezer need removing? Just call us on 020 37450982, and you will have our team do your removal.

A team that knows what they are doing

That's who we are! There is nothing about freezer and fridge disposal we don't know. Is it the regulations on WEEE waste disposal? Is it the location and operations of reputable recycling plants? What about the best method of fridge collection and disposal? We know it all.

Waste Removal Kensington has been in the business of removing junk, including electrical appliances, bulky waste, office junk and much more, for many years, and yes, we are still in business because our clients trust us.

We have the right team for the task, and they are highly trained to do just about anything on waste removal. When we remove the freezer and fridge, it looks easy, but practically it isn't. The trick is that we are trained for it! Why not take advantage of a great team like us and get your freezer and fridge disposal done effectively.

Our freezer and fridge disposal in Kensington is easy

  1. We will give you a call as we drive down to your premises after your booking
  2. Point us to the appliance to be disposed of, and we will remove it
  3. We will clean up the space and then leave. Your old appliance will be recycled or donated (whichever is applicable)

Even if your freezer and fridge were installed using old techniques, our proficient team would uninstall them with ease.

We put safety at our disposal and collection. This is why we get a lot of repeat services. Your space will be as it should be after we are done removing your appliance. All you should do is say the word, and it's done.

Old fridges need to be disposed of in Kensington

Since they are out of order, the appliance can become a breeding ground for harmful microbes. Don't let that happen. Contact our team to remove your appliance promptly and effectively.

Uninstalling a fridge is not a task for a single operative. If the freezer is a commercial type, it is bulky and has weight. We are a team that can manage the disposal for you seamlessly. Our staff work at a fast pace and are very excited to help you remove your fridge without stressing you.

And we can recycle your fridge and freezer as well. The environment is our priority, and we try to keep it safe.

We are dedicated to removing and disposing of fridges in Kensington

With great knowledge and experience in fridge and freezer removal, we don't joke when we are on the job. We do it assiduously.

All those hard-to-move items are easily lifted by our team, and yours will not be difficult to remove. Can we get a "yes" from you today as per freezer and fridge disposal? If so, call us on 020 37450982, and our team will be there to help you out.

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Same Day Services

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