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Fly-tipping Rubbish Collection Fly-tipping Rubbish Collection
Fly-tipping Rubbish Collection

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Fly-tipping Rubbish Collection Kensington

Waste that are fly-tipped are those waste that are carelessly and without authorisation dumped on free open lands owned by private individuals or the government. They are not easy to remove, chiefly due to the binding health and safety legislation. Besides, no one smiles at fly-tipped waste; it is not appealing.

What is fly-tipping?

To fly-tip is to deposit junk and any other item unlawfully. People tip off waste indiscriminately on private lands and at street corners. The act of fly-tipping is a serious menace to animal and human health plus it messes up the environment.

Due to how unhealthy fly-tipped waste is, we advise you not to attempt removing it yourself. More so, you need to use the appropriate tools and must have knowledge on how to deal with such type of waste.

Lacking these qualifications? Then head straight to Waste Removal Kensington and have your fly-tipping removed with ease. You should use an expert company for waste like fly-tipping because they understand how to work around it.

There are different scales of fly-tipping. It can be one waste bin overflowing with junk on a corner of the street to a land, warehouse, home, car park, or public space jammed with junk of varying types. The damage of fly-tipping to owners of the land can run into a million pounds!

Types of fly-tipping waste

The typical fly-tipping waste removed in the UK are these, however, there are still others:

  • General home waste
  • Furniture
  • Toxic waste
  • Green garbage
  • WEEE junk
  • Tyres that have exhausted their service life

Be it the usual junk or fly-tipping, Waste Removal Kensington is able to clear them all. We are experts in any of these services so contact our team should you need any, and we will deliver 100%! With a background of excellent training and workmanship plus years of experience, we can boldly say fly tipping is way simpler for us to remove, though it looks burdensome for those that have not been trained.

There are other reasons to hire Waste Removal Kensington:

  • Our fly tipping cost is completely transparent and moderately priced
  • We are a team you can count on all the time - we are punctual and won't disturb your tight schedule
  • We are overwatched by the Environmental Agency for eco-conscious disposal of all clients' junk
  • We have the Environmental Agency Licence, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, plus a Safe Contractor accreditation
  • We are fully waste-recycling compliant
  • For the whole week, you can call to book our services anytime

Fly-tipping disposal and junk clearance services

If you like to enjoy any of the following advantages, then hire Waste Removal Kensington:

  • Eco-conscious disposal of all your waste
  • Collaboration with local authorities to remove your waste ethically
  • All your harmful waste, including asbestos, removed (we are specially trained to remove such kind of waste)

Though our rates are affordable, the quality of our fly-tipping and/or junk removal is not lowered. We will first plan the best technique tailored to your requirements and budget and move on to do the actual waste clearance very fast.

Should you have fallen into the wrong hands, Waste Removal Kensington is here to set things right by quickly collecting and removing all fly-tipped waste. We also can assist in safeguarding you from being a target after now. Our advice is you keep free spaces secured with CCTV monitoring, fences, barriers, locks and bollards.

Kindly contact our friendly team via 020 37450982 or send an email.

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