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Electrical Appliance Disposal Electrical Appliance Disposal
Electrical Appliance Disposal

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Electrical Appliance Disposal Kensington

Looking for help removing faulty or unwanted appliances from your home? Waste Removal Kensington is here to solve that problem. We are a dedicated team of professional. Our operatives will promptly arrive at your premises and have that appliance(s) loaded onto our vans and moved straight to a registered recycling plant. You name that electrical appliance, and we will have them removed.

Same-day appliance removal Kensington is available here. This one works best for those that demand urgent disposal of old appliances. We will take them to a recycling plant, do an evaluation and properly recycle or give them out to charity (appliances that are still working).

Speak with our team

Yours faithfully is eager to hear from you, so dial 020 37450982 and let's know all about the appliance(s) you need to dispose of.

Have your quote delivered

Tell us what appliances need to be trashed. You can even snap and send us pictures. We will take it up from there to deliver you a quote for the removal.

Book a convenient date

When will you have the time to receive our team for your appliance disposal? Do let us know and if you contact us before 10a.m, you can get a same-day appliance removal.

Appliance disposal

This is where we take out every single appliance you don't need anymore, put them in our van and dispose of them.


We will carry your appliance to a reputable recycling site close by and have them repurposed.

Schedule your appliance disposal at your earliest convenience, and we will do the removal. We won't collect what you have not asked us to remove. Even if the appliance is heavy, don't worry, our team of strong operatives will lift them for you. And to make it easy, send us pictures of your disposable appliances plus a how-to or just sort out those things we should take out. The appliances we are talking about here are majorly powered by electricity so there is a need for proper disposal. We got you covered for sustainable and ethical removal of electrical appliances in Kensington.

Machinery Waste Removal Kensington disposes of

A wide range of home and office appliances are removed by our elite team, and we can remove a large number in a day, thanks to our fleet of vans. We hold certifications in appliance disposal and can remove the following:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines and oven
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Power cables and electrics
  • Big and small appliances
  • Chandeliers, lamps and lighting
  • Laptops and computers
  • Televisions and radios
  • Motors and engines
  • Air conditioning
  • Water heater and boilers
  • Irons and hoovers
  • Hoods
  • Cookers, gas stoves and hobs

Our removal is not limited to these appliances above so, if your appliance is not on the list, we can always remove it provided you let us know the item. We will give you a quote for it.

Categories of appliance condition we remove

The appliances we take out can either be in any of the underlisted classes; their condition is not a hindrance to removing it.

Out of order or to be repaired

Typically, customers request a collection of appliances that are not functional for long. But, it is a norm for clients to want to remove faulty appliances that have been repaired severally. Be it aged, rusty equipment lodged for a long time in your garage or an appliance that stopped working not long ago, our team will help with responsible disposal.

Completely working

Wheezing boilers or noisy fans are not funny. The typical solution is to replace them. While they create inconveniences but still work, you may not like to deal with the disturbances. Most of the time, increased energy bills or water usage is a good reason for a replacement. Anyhow you look at it, a new appliance will be safer and more functional.


Broken parts of old appliances may be piled up in your garage or loft. You may have boxes littered everywhere. These are waste, and they breach your safety as they contain dangerous gases and liquids. We will take them off your property and recycle them accordingly.

How much is Kensington electrical appliance disposal?

You can afford appliance removal when you use Waste Removal Kensington. We combine excellent disposal services with affordability to ensure that residents get the best removal of all time. As we said earlier, tell us about the appliance you need to be removed, and we will quote accordingly. The cost will follow the appliance dimensions, and the duration for collection and loading the items.

For starters, you can look at the prices on the table below, however, take note that you will get the final cost when our team is on-site to consider the waste and any extra charges that will likely come up, for instance, congestion fee, parking fee, etc.


Cost (No VAT)

Television or monitor




Washing machine




Kindly bear these in mind:

  • That the highest load limit for a single van is 14 cubic yards (equal to 2.5 skips)
  • That whatever quote our rep gives in a phone call or email is tentative as they cannot measure the precise weight of the waste, define parking charges, and how accessible the property is
  • That our costs are dependent on volume, weight, loading time, assembling and disassembling (as per appliances and furniture)
  • That cost may be stretched a little where easy access to your premises is not granted or hard

Waste disposal Kensington you can trust

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach out quickly and professionally too as many as needs appliance disposal across Kensington. We want all our customers to trust us for excellent project execution, whether there is supervision or not. Waste Removal Kensington is always attentive to details and ready to help with your waste collection.

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Same Day Services

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