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Cardboard Collection

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Cardboard Collection Kensington

There's hardly any business that doesn't use cardboard to pack things up. The material is sourced from natural wood pulp and is easily recyclable. Instead of trashing used cardboard and increasing landfill waste, consider cardboard recycling, and the environment will thank you later.

Waste Removal Kensington offers cardboard recycling bins for free in the city of Kensington. Need a quick and free quote, speak with us on 020 37450982.

Cardboard recycling bins

Most businesses that lack the equipment to recycle junk cardboard throw them away because of how voluminous they can be. But we can give your business cardboard recycling bins for free to pack your junk cardboard every day, every week, or bi-weekly - according to your business requirement.

Using our cardboard recycling bins, you can conveniently collect your junk and schedule a removal when needed. Just like other waste businesses produce, it is imperative to manage your cardboard waste, and by recycling, you are able to renew business resources.

The procedure for cardboard recycling in Kensington

Here's the overall processing condition your cardboard undergoes after we have collected them:

  • It gets to a recycling facility and where it is separated as a boxboard and corrugated board. While it's possible to recycle both paper and cardboard, it makes sense to sort grades since they're used for different products post recycling
  • Next is to shred the cardboard and mix it up with water and chemicals so it becomes a slurry
  • The solution is mixed with little amount of fresh pulp produced from wood chips
  • The mixture is filtered in stages, mixed with different chemicals and centrifuged to remove tape, metal, plastic and ink
  • After the pulp is clean, it is dried and ironed to make long sheets which are glued together to produce fresh cardboard

What is cardboard waste?

This refers to any used stuff that comes from dense sheets of stiff paper. Cardboard and paper have similar features, which makes the former recyclable as it comes from fibres processed out of trees. Cardboard comes into application in businesses in the form of storage, food boxes, packages, etc.

Business cardboard junk should be dry and clean before recycling, as wet cardboard will not make the job easy since the fibres will be weak and polluted. This is to say that wet and messed up cardboard will rather be thrown out to the landfill as common waste or destroyed in the incinerator.

Recyclable cardboard waste in Kensington

You can recycle the following types of cardboard junk:

  • Corrugated cardboard. An inside and outside liner and ruffled fluting is used to make this.
  • Paperboard. This is paper but thicker and used to package juice and milk.
  • Cardboard tubes. As the name implies, this one is circular, used for posters and other stuff.
  • Parcels and packaging. These are delivery boxes used online to keep their content safe.
  • Storage boxes. Stores items and is suitable for packing household or office items during relocation.
  • Food packaging. To pack cereal, egg, biscuit, and other foods.

How cardboard collection is done

Choose your free bin

It doesn't take much to have your business waste collection plan arranged. So, just go ahead and tell us the type of waste you want to remove and the size and number of waste bins you need. A zero-cost quote will be given to you by our team.

Book bin delivery

After you must have settled on the type, size and number of bins you need, let us know when you like to have them delivered.

Fill us in with information about access to your bin delivery location. Would there be any special timing, locked gates or access codes? This information will help us prepare ahead.

Have your bin filled

When you have received your free bins, pack the agreed waste into them. Ensure you don't exceed the weight limit given for the size of bins and the particular type of waste.

We will collect your business waste

At your convenient time, we will come in and take out your waste in accordance with the volume of waste you have and how regularly you need the collection.

Who should have their cardboard waste collected in Kensington?

Every business will use cardboard while operating daily or weekly. The level of cardboard usage will vary from business to business. Food businesses, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and food caterers, record more cardboard waste than the usual 9 to 5 offices, where just a small amount of food boxes make up the waste.

No matter your type of business or level of cardboard waste, our free recycling bins come in various sizes to meet your business requirement. We cover the entire Kensington for cardboard collection and delivery of recycling bins for all businesses.

Facts and benefits of recycling cardboard

A tonne of recycled cardboard is equivalent to 17 unharvested trees. Your business will not send waste to landfill this way. Hence 2.3 cubic meters of landfill space is spared. You fulfil your obligation to the law and environment this way. And your business saves some money because you don't pay taxes to recycle cardboard.

Over 12.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are used annually in the UK. The prediction is that this number will increase as online orders go up. Out of this number, 5.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are used for packaging stuff, and 65.6% is recycled.

Unfortunately, going by these statistics, about one-third of used cardboard and paper end up as landfill material. Cardboard recycling offers savings on resources and health to the environment.

Disposing of cardboard waste in Kensington

It is cost-effective for your business to leverage our recycling services for cardboard waste. Our coverage is for Kensington, so we can collect your business cardboard waste regardless of business scope and scale.

Our solutions are tied to your specific type of business, as we can collect small to large volumes of cardboard for recycling. Let's know how many, the size of cardboard recycling bin you need and your collection schedule, and we'll give you a free quote promptly.

You don't pay for our cardboard recycling bins plus delivery of them, but you do for collection. Go ahead and dump your clean and dry used cardboard, and we will come to pick them up when due for proper recycling. We are serious about lowering the effect of too much waste on the environment.

Need more details on cardboard collection and recycling for your business in Kensington? Let's hear from you. Call us on 020 36450982. For a number of recycling bins for cardboard, we can give you a free quote.

FAQs on cardboard collection Kensington

If you are a homeowner with lots of cardboard waste, you may move them to your local recycling facility. For business owners, you need a licensed waste carrier to recycle your large-volume cardboard.

We at Waste Removal Kensington can help you with the sustainable recycling of bulky business cardboard waste.

In general, paper and thin cardboard can be mixed and recycled since they come from similar fibres obtained from trees. For corrugated cardboard, its multi and dense layers will demand different recycling from paper.

Yes, on the ground that the entire load is clean and dry and without grease, chemical or food contamination. Some cardboard coated with wax cannot be recycled but can biodegrade.

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