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White Goods Removal and Recycling White Goods Removal and Recycling
White Goods Removal and Recycling

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White Goods Removal and Recycling Haringey

There is hardly any property that doesn't have a white good. It can be television to watch the news, a freezer to chill water or an oven for baking. White goods make living conditions comfortable. The continuous use of these appliances wears them out and would require responsible disposal and recycling.

You don't need to go miles in search of professional waste removers. We are here - the expert team at Waste Removal Haringey is able to clear your white goods of any size smoothly and have them recycled in the most effective way.

Definition of white goods

These are sizable electrically powered appliances used basically at home. And they are called white goods because almost all the time, we find them in white enamel or white colour.

However, technology has changed the colour schemes of these appliances such that they now come in varying colours befitting home designs. White goods generally refer to all big-size electronic gadgets; the colour is not a big deal.

What kind of white goods Haringey do we remove?

All types of white goods, including electrical waste, are cleared by our highly trained team and with the help of our wide range of vans.

We have the kind of skill set and licence that ties in with the laws of the UK government such that we are certified to remove white goods that are quite large and dangerous. If you don't hire an expert, this kind of disposal is not possible. We consider the following for disposal:

  • Radiators
  • Freezers
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Tumble dryers
  • Washing machines
  • Cookers
  • Refrigerator

Under our WEEE clearance, we accept other types of electrical junk, plus the type that may not be large enough to be called white goods. Don't know if you really have "white goods?", please contact our team and you will be guided accordingly.

What you can gain from Waste Removal Haringey

Eco-conscious clearance

Environment matters to us more than the monetary value of our services. This is why we do our best to recycle or put into use again q minimum of 80 percent collected waste - white goods inclusive. We are an eco-friendly waste disposal team. With our good affiliation with local recycling facilities, we know their mode of operation and location.


You don't have to bother about who to call for white goods clearance in Haringey. We are your go-to. We respond quickly and are fast in collection and disposal. We offer same-day disposal of old white goods in case you have new replacements.

Based on our experience, we are very proficient in the clearance, haulage and disposal of your white goods in the area.

Expert operatives

White goods fall under electrical waste, and knowing full well the stringent WEEE laws in place, you need professionals that know these laws and can carefully apply them for the disposal of your white goods. We have professional electrical waste removers that are capable of responsible electrical waste clearance.

All our staff have finesse, experience, and qualifications. Bring your white goods to us for the best disposal.

Zero delays and flexibility

You may suddenly decide to replace a broken washing machine, and the old one cannot be just there. It is based on this that we offer fast removals 24/7, even on holidays. No junk is allowed to stay.

Our flexible bookings make it easy for you to have our service anytime you need it despite having a tight schedule.

Happy customers

We have proven to customers that they can find satisfaction in our waste services, and that has retained a large number of our clients for years.

Booking your white goods removal is an excellent way of getting a feel of what it's like to be a Waste Removal Haringey happy customer.

What does the removal of our white goods Haringey entail?

White goods are electronic in design and large size. They cannot be placed in waste bins and, most importantly, need to follow certain rules for disposal because of their electrical makeup. Waste Removal Haringey makes it simple for you. Just follow these steps, and you are good to go:

  • Enquiry and estimate. We can help you dispose of old or faulty appliances that have been replaced. Simply call us on 020 37450982 and our expert customer service agents will guide you, explain our services and offer a free, zero-obligation estimate that fits into your requirements and needs.
  • Schedule-friendly appointment. Choosing us for your white goods removal, we will give you a convenient booking. Your busy schedule is not a challenge for us; we are very flexible in appointments. Even if it is a sudden replacement for white goods, and you are not sure how to store the old appliances, our team will sort it out for you without delays.
  • We collect and lift. You cannot lift any appliance on our watch! Our team handles all the lifting and loading without disturbing you or your neighbours. We issue you the necessary paperwork and drive away off your waste for the most environmentally respectful and ethical disposal.
  • Green disposal and recycling. It is not simple to dispose of white goods. So, we do a lot of recycling as we can. Indiscriminate disposal of white goods will, in no small measure, pollute the environment since they carry a lot of dangerous gases and metals. We don't want this to happen, so we carefully disintegrate and and have your electrical waste recycled independently.

You will find our team throughout the city of Haringey doing what we know how to do best - waste collection and disposal. For all homes and businesses in Haringey, your moderate price and excellent white goods services provider is here. We are most happy to help you with this service any time. Waste Removal Haringey is the name.

Cost of white goods disposal Haringey

Living conditions may be high up the financial ladder, but removing your white goods should not be pricey. Our happiness is that we offer highly competitive rates and quotes for the removal of our white goods so that your home and businesses can benefit from the service.

So, we consider how much waste to remove, where they are kept in your property, and how much proximity our van and the goods can have for white goods price in Haringey. And don't be afraid of sudden additional cost; we don't do that here.

Better still, do speak with our reliable customer service to know more about price of white goods removal and to get a private quote for your project. Feel free to ask questions too.

Booking your white goods clearance Haringey

If you are interested in Waste Removal Haringey disposing of your white goods, then pick up your phone and dial 020 37450982.

We will respond with an affordable and free estimate for your requirement. Remember, we are a schedule-friendly service and can take as much waste as you have, so your tight schedule is not a hindrance. Let's work together.

Our office is at Suite 17, West Africa House, London, W5 3QP. You can drive down any time, and we would be pleased to discuss your white goods removal needs.

FAQs on white good removal and recycling Haringey

Size is the distinguishing factor. While white goods are big-size home appliances, including freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, brown goods are small-size appliances such as radios, TV, laptops, etc. And they are simple to haul. White and brown goods fall under WEEE waste, and we clear them at Waste Removal Haringey.

There are so many white goods, and some outlast others based on reduced usage. The model, design and maintenance of your white good also determine its longevity. But white goods can trigger fire outbreaks if they are faulty. Be sure to remove any old or not working white goods today.

Absolutely. It makes sense to know how to get a fridge ready for removal. Proper defrosting of this item is important as it may leak while we are taking it away. And this is not good. Defrost your refrigerator by:

  • Line your freezer with towels and old papers to trap melted ice. You may ha e to change the towels and papers that are saturated.
  • When that is done, turn off the fridge, take out every frozen food, shelf and drawer
  • Allow it to dry

Unemptied and undefrosted freezers will not be easily removed by our team. And you may likely pay for calling us out.

Due to their delicate design and potential for releasing toxic elements, fridges should be carefully and professionally disposed of. While it seems easy to just lift your fridge and off to the tip, you may have to rethink based on WEEE waste regulations. We can help you instead.

Some may do so, but you will pay for it. But councils don't have all it takes for bulky, and WEEE waste collections, and so many persons are on the service, so it may take a lot of time compared to using an expert waste removal company.

A number of regulations count as per disposing of white goods like the Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England & Wales) Regulations 2005, The Removal of ODS -EC Regulation and The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations. They all make white goods disposal complicated.

Why disturb yourself with personal research on these laws when you have a white good to dispose of, and there is no time? Or why dispose carelessly and pay a heavy fine? We understand and interpret these laws via ethical white goods disposal, so just save yourself the stress and book with us right away.

DIY removal of an inbuilt dishwasher is not easy, but you can do it. We have put together an easy step-by-step process on how an inbuilt dishwasher can be removed. Contact us for a guide on how to do this.

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