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Event clearance

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Event clearance

Events usually generate large volumes of waste, which makes it important for organisers to have a comprehensive waste management plan. While having a waste program is important, it doesn’t have to be a complicated programme.

Research shows that an average event attendee produces 1.89kg of waste, and about 85% of the waste goes to a landfill, depending on the type of event and its location. However, hiring a professional waste management company for event clearance is a good way to reduce waste.

Waste Removal Haringey provides event clearance services, and we can create an effective waste management program for your event. Our event clearance services are sustainable and can save a lot in waste clearance and disposal.

Our specialised waste clearance and disposal services are beneficial, and our expert team will be available during and after the event.

An event’s success depends on different factors, but most importantly, how well you manage waste from the event. We can provide you with a customised event management plan to suit your needs.

Implementing sustainable trash management, like supporting proper waste management regulations and supplying recycling and waste bins, can reduce waste’s environmental impact on landfills.

Protecting the environment requires effective waste management. It aims to provide efficient, sanitary and cost-effective waste collection, storage, treatment, transportation and disposal of waste without endangering the land, water system or the environment.

Waste collection in Haringey

Our event waste collection services are available for companies and individuals. We can help you handle any event’s waste management. Whether you are organising a fete, festival, sporting event, theatrical production or festival, we will clear out any mess.

These events can create a lot of mess, and keeping track of everything without experienced personnel and the correct organisation can be difficult.

We will happily partner with any charity to ensure their activities and events are litter-free. Music festivals and other large gatherings like weddings are likely to require help with waste collection and disposal.

We have carried out event clearances for several years and are fully licensed, accredited and insured. We are proud of our reputation and commitment to protecting the environment. Our event waste management services are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. We will sort the waste and recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Outdoor event waste management

We can partner with you to keep your festival ground clean and waste-free by providing bespoke waste management programs and bin hire. We will be available for you from the planning process to litter picking and removing the recycling bins.

We have experienced professionals who will create an effective waste management strategy to meet your specific needs and provide you with recommendations.

Our outdoor event management service is top-rated and extensive.

Indoor event waste management

Waste Removal Haringey can handle your indoor event waste management and provide a nice after-party space. Our indoor trash management service will meet your needs. Our service includes trash stations, litter pick-up, hazardous and clinical waste disposal, recycling alternatives and any additional removal services.

We prioritise your needs and will ensure your indoor space isn’t messed up. Our team will be available throughout the planning process and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Event recycling bins

We can provide you with regular 240 wheelie bins and the huge 1100 litre wheelie bins. Different sizes of wheelie bins suitable for all indoor and outdoor events are available, including recycling stations to store general waste separate from cans, card bottles, plastic and card.

Clinical trash should go into yellow bins because they are hazardous, while wet garbage from cooking, food and kitchen should go into the green waste recycling bin. Bottles, cans, packaging plastics, newspaper and cardboard are for the blue waste recycling bins.

We will examine all bins regularly to ensure it doesn’t overflow, collect, replace and empty them regularly. We will sort the waste at the recycling facility and recycle as much of it as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Why choose us?

  • After your event clearance, we will provide you with a comprehensive waste report, including weighbridge tickets, with the information you need for any report
  • Our team will work with you throughout the event to efficiently manage your waste and remove all rubbish to ensure the venue is clean
  • We comply with the necessary legislation by the Environment Agency
  • Our services are cost-effective
  • We recycle a wide range of trash, and our recycling rate is about 95% which covers all waste, including hazardous waste, to ensure reduced carbon emissions into the environment

Other services

  • Retail waste management
  • Construction rubbish removal
  • Office waste collection
  • Commercial waste collection

Contact Waste Removal Haringey on 020 37450982 to book our event clearance services


Waste segregation at the source involves putting waste into the right bin. Three streams of waste are available. You can segregate waste into wet, rejects and dry (biodegradable and non-biodegradable).

Segregation at the source is fundamental for sustainable and responsible waste management.

A good option for reducing event waste collection is reducing waste. You can choose items that can be used multiple times. However, some wastes aren’t reusable or recyclable but require proper processing.

Yes, we can. Our experts can ensure a plastic-free event. This includes:

  • Ensuring the site is litter free
  • Managing different waste streams
  • Managing collections with the three-bin system

We are a leading waste management service provider and follow the best practices while using the latest waste management techniques and saving resources. We are fully trained and can cater to your waste management team.

Event waste disposal can cost a few hundred pounds. However, if you partner with us, we can help organise your event waste management to keep costs low.

According to research, music events produce up to 23,500 tonnes of waste yearly, which is almost the equivalent of 78 fully loaded Boeing 747 jets.

Food waste is about 24% of an event’s waste, making it the main source of waste. Plastics account for 18% of waste, paperboard and paper are about 12%, while leather, textiles and rubber are over 11%. Other materials make up less than a tenth of waste from events.

Yes. We provide litter pickers for events, and our litter pickers are professionals at the jb.

Any event, both on and off-site, can book our recycling services. We will sort the waste after collecting it from the site, process the recyclable items and recycle them.

Yes, we can. We have several years of experience and can help reduce your waste management cost by combining our knowledge and ability to ensure the event’s waste management runs smoothly.

Recycling food waste is important, and it is one of the specialities. We use innovative technology to recycle as much food waste as possible, and our food waste can generate renewable energy.

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