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Kitchen appliance disposal Kitchen appliance disposal
Kitchen appliance disposal

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Kitchen appliance disposal Haringey

Waste Removal Haringey provides a wide range of waste management services, including large-scale kitchen appliance removal. We have a team of rubbish removal experts who are familiar with the procedure for dismantling, loading and transporting all kitchen appliances.  

We have modern equipment and specialists to remove your kitchen appliances. Our expertise allows us to complete all kitchen appliance removal quickly and efficiently. No matter the size and condition of your kitchen appliance, we can remove it.

We understand that kitchen appliances gradually wear and tear, and fixing them may waste your time, energy and resources. However, you can replace the kitchen appliance, leaving you with the responsibility of disposing of the old kitchen appliance.

We can easily help you remove and dispose of any old or unwanted kitchen appliances.

Types of kitchen appliances

We collect and dispose of all kitchen appliances and fittings. If you have the following kitchen appliances, you may have to dispose of them at some point. The appliances include:

  • Fryer
  • Electric grill
  • Espresso machine
  • Food processor
  • Hand mixer
  • Toaster oven
  • Rice cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Juicer
  • Egg cooker
  • Popcorn machine 
  • Immersion circulator
  • Multi-cooker

 The list above isn’t exhaustive, and you can contact us if you want to remove an appliance that isn’t on the list above. We opt for only eco-friendly disposal methods to ensure safe kitchen appliance disposal. We also recycle most appliances or repurpose them.

How to prepare kitchen appliances for disposal

  • Ensure you unplug the appliance before the removal. If it is a fridge or freezer, unplug it at least a day before the removal
  • Separate appliances that are recyclable from non-recyclable appliances. We also advise separating the glass, plastic and metal components
  • If your kitchen appliance comes with a detachable power cable, remove it, and you can use it for other kitchen appliances
  • Check the nearby recycling facilities to know if they accept the appliance. You can get information on recycling centres on recycling local forums, Google and local authorities
  • Consider how to transport the appliance you want to dispose of it. Will you hire a van or use your vehicle? If you want to donate appliances that still function, you may get free transportation
  • Consider affordable packing options like cardboard boxes instead of plastic boxes, which cost more.

Getting a removal company

Disposing of a kitchen appliance can be stressful, but you can avoid the stress by hiring the services of an expert kitchen appliance removal company. Waste Removal Haringey provides kitchen appliance removal services.

We have several years of experience, which makes ant kitchen appliance removal and disposal easy for us.

Our services offer these benefits.

  • Leaves your vehicle free for other activities
  • Saves time
  • No need to look for recycling centres that will accept your kitchen appliance because we work with trusted recycling facilities
  • Our experts collect and dispose of all household appliances
  • No risk of injury to you from carrying any heavy kitchen appliances
  • We adhere to the local regulations for kitchen appliance disposal, which you need to research if you handle the disposal yourself

What are the other options for kitchen appliances besides recycling?

If recycling and disposing of your kitchen appliance aren’t good options, you can resell the functional appliances. Before your sell your kitchen appliance, you can consider these options.

  • Contact your friends who may need the appliance. Although you won’t get cash for the appliance, you will be helping a friend
  • Contact your parents to find out if they need the appliance
  • Organise a garage sale for neighbours

Selling online

Selling items you no longer need online isn’t a new option for getting rid of these items, but many people don’t know the right way to prepare items for an online sale. This usually makes selling online unsuccessful, with little to no sales.

These tips can help you to sell your unwanted kitchen appliances online.

  • Take good photos of the kitchen appliance, and do not take photos of groups items except you plan on selling them at a discounted price
  • Create original and engaging headlines to serve as clickbait and increase your ad’s number of impressions
  • Give honest information on the state of the appliances, so you do not get negative reviews that will affect later sales or have the item returned at your cost
  • List your location in case people living close by need the appliance
  • State your reason for selling because it makes your ad less suspicious
  • Reply buyers quickly

How to book our kitchen appliance removal service

  • Step 1 – Call us

You can call us to speak with our friendly team for information on our kitchen appliance removal and disposal services and book our services.

  • Step 2 – Get a quote

The information you provide and photos of the kitchen appliance taken from different angles will help us to provide you with a kitchen appliance removal and disposal quote. We have a clear pricing system with no added charges

  • Step 3 - Book our kitchen appliance disposal service

Our professionals will work with you to find the most convenient time for your kitchen appliance removal and disposal. After scheduling the kitchen appliance removal, our expert team will come to your property to collect the appliance.

  • Step 4 – Electrical appliance collection

After planning the removal and disposal service, we will arrive at the agreed time to remove the kitchen appliances and load them into our van to send them to the recycling centre.

  • Step 5 – Recycling

We are an eco-friendly company and recycle most of the waste we collect. After collecting your kitchen appliance, our team will transport it to a nearby recycling centre for recycling.

Kitchen appliance removal pricing 

Our kitchen appliance pricing depends on different factors but note: 

  • The maximum load capacity of a van is 14 cubic yards, which equals 2.5 skips
  • Our quotes given via phone call aren’t final because they don’t include factors like access to your property, parking and the weight of the appliance
  • Our kitchen appliance disposal costs depend on the weight, loading time, volume, and disassembling of appliances
  • If access to your property is difficult, you will pay an extra fee

Trusted kitchen removal services

We aim for all customers considering our service to trust us completely for any removal and disposal service with or without supervision. You can check our testimonials and contact us for more information on our services.

Call Waste Removal Haringey on 020 3745 0982 to book our kitchen appliance removal and disposal service.

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