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Air Conditioning Recycling

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Air Conditioning Recycling Haringey

Need your air-conditioning to run smoothly anytime and every time? One touch from our team will make it happen.

At some point, air conditioning reaches its end of service life and would require disposal. Being an electronic system, you cannot trash an old AC anyhow. You need safe and compliant disposal, and you will get it from Waste Removal Haringey. Air conditioning adds comfort and convenience to offices, schools, homes and other places where these units are used, but when it comes to disposal, it is not as simple as you think.

One may wonder what they will do with an old AC. You won't keep the faulty unit for life. There are many possibilities. One of it is to resell the system to the manufacturer or arrange that it be collected as bulky waste by your local council.

But you need to understand the nitty-gritty of disposing of an air con. If the disposal is not compliant with WEEE waste removal, then it is not complete. Fully functional disposal for your old AC can be provided by Waste Removal Haringey in compliance with the standing legislation.

Efficient air conditioning recycling Haringey

ACs that are no longer in use cannot be contained in waste bins, not because of their size, but because they don't belong there. Why? These units, though designed to regulate temperature, have a mixture of toxic materials and greenhouse gases. We are referring to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

These carbon compounds deplete the ozone layer and are hence not good for human and animal life. Their impact is so dangerous that they support global warming and pave the way for UVB rays which are harmful enough to cause skin cancer to reach the earth.

It is based on this hazard that the law has disallowed the disposal of air conditioning together with regular waste. People who use ACs in their homes and businesses are charged with the responsibility of making sure they dispose these items the right way.

That's where we come in for air conditioning disposal Haringey

Hiring us is a sure way of stopping toxic CFCs and HCFCs from your AC get into the air. Households and offices can book our team for quick collection of air conditioning when it is convenient. This service is available throughout Haringey. Call us now on 020 37450982. An added advantage of choosing us is the issuance of a certificate of description, and for our regular customers, we give them discounts.

What if you have other electronics aside from air conditioning to dispose of? Perfect! We will help you dispose of your freezer, oven, washing machine and other white goods as responsibly and eco-friendly as possible.

Not convinced why you should hire us for AC recycling Haringey, see this:

100% legally compliant waste disposal

You meet the environmental compliance standard when we help you dispose of any of your electronic waste, including air conditioning. Our team will provide you all the necessary paperwork so you know we mean business.

One of the best service

By offering an impressive and sustainable waste collection and disposal, we keep all our customers satisfied and returning for more. Our collection is timely, smart, carefully planned and our disposal is eco-friendly and law compliant. Waste Removal Haringey prides on the presence of highly trained and skilled operatives for waste collection.

We love our planet

And so we recycle your waste. We do this at designated recycling plants to ensure all waste is treated and reused. We can issue you a recycling report, so you know that we have the safety of the environment in mind.

Give us a call for air conditioning recycling Haringey

We should come to mind when you need electronic recycling. Our friendly team are eager to come to pick up your electrical appliances anywhere in Haringey once you call. Meeting your needs is easy for us because it is what we have trained for, plus we have a flexible service that fits into your time. We issue the necessary documents showing your disposal is hitch-free. And if you use our service more than once, you get a discount.

Let us help you today with vetted air conditioning recycling or for any other appliance. 020 37450982 is the dial.

We will also be pleased should you choose to come in person to our office at Suite 17, West Africa House, London, W5 3QP.

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