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Commercial services Haringey

Waste Removal Haringey is a leading waste management company providing quality and affordable commercial waste collections in London. We are fully licensed to collect and dispose of commercial waste from businesses.

Our commercial waste disposal services are:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Available on both bank holidays and weekends
  • Insured 

We work with different businesses, from warehouses to offices, factories and retailers, to create tailor-made services to meet their commercial waste needs. You can book a one-time waste collection or regular collection to have our expert team collect the waste daily, weekly or monthly.

There are legislations for correct business waste disposal, and we are up-to-date on the regulations to ensure you properly dispose of your waste to prevent paying fines. We are an eco-friendly company and will be responsible dispose of your waste while ensuring the environment isn’t harmed.

Commercial waste solutions for any business

Our commercial waste collection and disposal service is suitable for all businesses in Haringey. You can trust us for your waste management needs regardless of your business size. We will tailor our services to ensure it meets your needs.

Our professional team will quickly collect the waste to prevent disruptions to running your business and keep your business premises clean. We will also take the collected waste to the appropriate recycling centre.

Commercial waste we collect

We can collect any commercial waste produced by businesses and are licensed to dispose of them without the risk of getting fined. You can also request commercial bins.

We are a certified waste collection company and can dispose of the following.

Municipal waste

  • Glass
  • Wrappers
  • Cans
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Food waste

The Animal by Product regulations governs food waste. We collect only food waste we can dump in landfills, like cooked fish and meat, ready meals, and bakery products such as breakfast cereal, chocolate and bread cakes.

Ensure you properly bag up the food waste and that it is not in a messy condition.

  • Bulky waste

Bulky wastes are items that are large for bins or bags, such as tables, fridges, monitors, computers, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, microwaves, white goods and other pieces of furniture.

How can I reduce the cost of your commercial waste disposal? 

  • Keep your waste in one place

Ensure you store all your business waste in one place where the waste clearance team can easily access it to reduce charges for extra labour.

  • Separate waste

Separate the recyclable waste from general waste because you can get better rates for your recyclable waste.

  • Donate

Some charities can take items you do not need at no cost if the item is still in good condition. Charities can collect items like furniture, clothes and books.

  • Use a licensed waste management company

You are responsible for ensuring that all waste produced from running your business is properly disposed of. If you hire a waste clearance company with a valid registration certificate, you play your part in protecting the environment.

We have licensed waste carriers and will ensure your waste gets to an authorised site for recycling, destruction and reuse.

How does our commercial waste service work?

Businesses accumulate waste quickly and are conscious of having dirty, unsightly and unhygienic space because it creates a negative image. However, our services aim to provide exceptional waste collection and disposal.

You can get our services regularly, where our team will visit your property at a convenient time to collect any waste.

Many electrical appliances require specific disposal following the WEEE regulation, and we will ensure the disposal of your unwanted electrical appliances comply with this regulation.

We also remove hazardous materials, asbestos, chemicals, liquids and gases. You can access our services with the following steps.

If you are a property manager, housing association, land agent, estate agent or landlord, you can partner with Waste Removal Haringey for your professional services. Our service will benefit you and your clients.

You can have a commercial waste clearance and removal in these three easy steps

  • Contact Waste Removal Haringey

You can call us to book our services. Our customer care representative will provide you with more information on our services and a quote depending on your needs.

  • Book a van

If you accept the quote, you can book our services and arrange a convenient date and time for the collection.

  • Commercial waste clearance and collection

We will load any waste and junk in our van for disposal and recycling and provide you with a waste transfer note

Why choose Waste Removal Haringey

  • We offer full waste management services for commercial businesses to allow you to focus on running your business
  • We work with only 100% compliant partners for any task we cannot complete ourselves
  • We are experienced in managing commercial waste
  • We work to achieve a circular economy to ensure environmental preservation while reducing your waste management cost

Our other services

  • WEEE recycling
  • Office clearance
  • Bulky waste collection

If you are in Haringey and need a fast, efficient commercial waste management service, contact Waste Removal Haringey on 020 37450982 to book our services.

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