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Garden Services Haringey

Whether it is landscaping, lawn mowing or seed planting, you can get assistance with any task in your garden from a local, skilled gardener. Their experience and expertise will ensure your garden looks its best.

Your weekends can be used for other stuff instead of tidying up the lawn. Annually, the professional gardeners at Waste Removal Haringey help out with a lot of home and business gardening work.

We have everything to take care of your garden routinely, seasonally or even if it's a large garden project. Our team are highly trained and have attained the accreditations for best gardening in Haringey. We are timely and efficient in keeping your garden completely clean and healthy.

What we do for gardens in Haringey

Everyone living or working in Haringey can enjoy meticulous garden services from us. We can come in whenever you need us to. Our team can also fix an urgent appointment for your gardening project.

Dial 020 37450982 now to discuss your garden needs with us or schedule an appointment for a quote. All your questions will be answered promptly.

We can do the following for your garden:

Garden maintenance.

Here, our gardeners will trim hedges, prune shrubs, mow excessively grown grasses, weeds, clear leaves and minor trees.

Lawn Repair

What we do for lawn repair is to refix the appearance of your lawn by removing weeds, fallen leaves, mowing, edging, mowing, and fixing grasses.

Gutter cleaning

Of course, your gutters cannot be left filled with green filth. We will clear all leaves and debris that have been collected in your gutter.


A lot of gardening activities come with landscaping. Our professional gardeners will pave, weed, turf, fence, and build sheds for a beautiful garden landscape. We do much more here.

Tree surgery

Overgrown trees cannot make your garden attractive. We do a lot of cutting and shaping of tree branches and leaves. We prune and remove trees stumps here as well.

Tall trees from 15 and 65 feet are taken care of by the tree surgeon.

Clearing overgrown gardens

Here we remove all weeds, small trees, and clear bushes.

What is the price of garden maintenance Haringey?

A two-man team of gardeners will cost £60 for an hour. And the half-hour work that will follow will cost £52. Bear in mind that a visit costs at least £60 regardless of whether the gardening service isn't time-consuming. Our half-hour charge begins after the first hour of work. There is no VAT added in our cost.

Perks of professional garden services

  1. Time and energy saving. We usually send out a two-man team for gardening for the best input and results. These guys are very skilled, insured and reliable and do a great job. Immediately you call us, we will be on our way to you. We don't want you soiling those precious hands fo yours.
  2. Vast gardening and landscaping services. We offer a variety of gardening services to suit your needs for a beautiful garden. Don't like your present garden landscape anymore? We have great designs for landscapes and outdoor maintenance works of standard quality that will wow you.
  3. Fully fitted for gardening. Our team shows up with the required gardening tools for any job. We were gloves, antiviral masks and other PPE for safety. We have certified and trained tree climbers that can climb trees as tall as 65 feet.

We are positioned to serve you better than anyone else for gardening services in Haringey. Do give us a call soon or visit us at Suite 17, West Africa House, London, W5 3QP.

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