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Cardboard disposal

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Cardboard disposal Haringey

Waste Removal Haringey is a leading waste disposal company offering reliable, efficient, cost-effective cardboard removal and disposal services throughout Haringey at affordable costs. Our removal and disposal services are sustainable.

What is cardboard?

Cardboard is heavy-duty paper commonly used as packing material. Cardboard has been available since the 15th century and was used in China. Cardboard can be in single-layer sheets, but it’s commonly in different corrugated forms with flat surfaces around the s-shaped flutes.  

Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable. Cardboard can quickly accumulate, and instead of disposing of it yourself or waiting for a pick-up from your local council, you can contact our team for fast, sustainable and efficient cardboard disposal.

Cardboard recycling

More businesses are becoming more environmentally aware than in the last decade. Business managers now understand the importance of recycling and are adopting practices to engage in recycling.

Recycling has become more common and good for businesses to adhere to legislation, attract customers and preserve the environment through waste reduction.

Why is cardboard recycling easy?

Cardboard is easy to recycle because the fibres used to make it have already undergone processing from trees.

Why can I not burn cardboard?

Burning waste can only be a good alternative if the waste produces efficient fuel. However, cardboard doesn’t produce efficient fuel but releases gases and contaminants into the environment.

Local authorities have regulations for smokeless fuel, and burning cardboard doesn’t meet these regulations. If you burn cardboard waste instead of recycling it, you are wasting a reusable resource.

How does cardboard recycling benefit my business?

Recycling material isn’t the easiest solution as it involves staff training, space and commercial recycling costs. Cardboard is one of the easiest materials to pack, store and recycle.

The benefits of cardboard recycling include meeting legal obligations, protecting the environment and protecting the business reputation.

How can I maximise the value of cardboard waste?

People with regular volumes of cardboard waste measured in tonnes can get a rebate or benefit from a free collection.

Cardboard is a global material whose price is subject to large fluctuations. In 2020, the cost of cardboard recycling was between £65 - £105 per tonne. If you want to sell your cardboard, ensure the load is free from contaminants such as liquid, food, Styrofoam-type packaging and grease.  

An effective way of storing cardboard for recycling is using bales. This ensures maximum financial return because the cardboard will be in the format required at the recycling centre. You can use a mechanical baler.

You can get low-cost or free collections if you have smaller amounts of cardboard and need regular collections.

Can I mix different cardboard grades for recycling?

You can recycle different grades of cardboard together if the load is dry and not contaminated with chemicals, food or grease. Some cardboards coated with wax are not recyclable but biodegradable.

Can I mix cardboard with paper for recycling?

Generally, corrugated cardboard recycling is separate from the paper, but you can mix paper with thinner cardboard for recycling.

Are pizza boxes recyclable?

Pizza boxes often have recycling symbols and are made with corrugated cardboard, so they are recyclable. However, you can’t recycle pizza boxes tainted with food or grease because they contaminate the load and make it useless.

Are Tetra Paks recyclable?

Tetra Paks are cartons coated with plastic. These cartons are commonly used for packaging juices and milk. Although they are made of 80% paper, they contain plastic and small metal traces. Tetra Paks aren’t recyclable with corrugated cardboard loads or normal single sheets. However, more Tetra Pak recycling facilities are opening in the UK.

What do I need to do before cardboard recycling?

Before recycling cardboard, the first thing to do is to ensure the cardboard load is dry and clean. Set any contaminated items aside because they aren’t recyclable. The next step is removing any excess tape from the cardboard, but you don’t need to remove all the tape.

Ensure the cardboard is packed as flat as possible and stored in a container that keeps it dry. You can store large amounts of cardboard in a baler like the Mill Size baler, roll-off bins and specific-lidded containers.

What will I do if I have large amounts of cardboard for recycling?

If you’ve accumulated large amounts of cardboard for recycling, you can take it to the local recycling facility. Alternatively, you can contact a specialised waste management company like Waste Removal Haringey, especially if you have a business that produces large amounts of cardboard waste.

Cardboard disposal

  • What happens while recycling cardboard?

The professionals at the recycling facility will first sort the loads into corrugated boards and flat sheets or boxboards. Recycling paper with cardboard is possible but keeping the grades separate is necessary because they form different products after recycling.  

Shredding the cardboard into small pieces is the next step before mixing it in chemicals and water to form a slurry mixture. The pulp gets mixed with small amounts of new pulp made with wood chips.

The mixture undergoes a series of filtering, centrifugal and chemical processes to remove the plastics, ink, metal and tape. The clean pulp is dried and pressed to make long sheets glued together to form new cardboard.

Cardboard is a useful material with many applications, such as different packaging. Cardboard recycling is important, and with many new products containing recycled fibres, cardboard is set to become the most recycled material.

Bins for cardboard recycling

Cardboard accounts for a huge amount of waste businesses produce and takes up a lot of space. Many businesses throw away their cardboard because they do not have space to store large amounts of cardboard.

Cardboard recycling is easy, safe and a good way to manage your business’s resources, which makes cardboard recycling important.

To make your cardboard recycling easy, you can contact Waste Removal Haringey to book low-cost cardboard recycling bins daily, weekly or monthly.

You can get different sizes of waste bins for cardboard, including:

  • 1100L cardboard bin
  • 660L cardboard bin
  • 360L cardboard bin
  • 240L cardboard bin

Larger options are also available, like the front and rear end loaders, compactors and balers, roll-on roll-off and cardboard skips. We can help you choose the right cardboard disposal bin size for your business.

  • Benefits of cardboard recycling

Recycling one tonne of cardboard saves up to 17 trees, reduces waste sent to landfills and saves your business money because cardboard recycling doesn’t require paying landfill tax.

You can call us to arrange recycling bins and collection services to meet the needs of your business. We are available to collect your cardboard waste from any location in Haringey.

Cardboard and paper recycling

Producing one tonne of cardboard requires 79 gallons of oil, 42,000KW of energy, 7000 gallons of water and 17 trees. Recycling cardboard can prevent wasting these valuable resources.

How to access our service

  • Contact us

Call us, and our friendly team will discuss your cardboard disposal needs.

  • Free, no-obligation quote

We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote based on the information provided.

  • Cardboard collection and disposal

We will come to your property at the agreed time to collect the cardboard and take it to the recycling centre for processing.

Why choose us?

  • Customers first

We are a top-rated waste management company in Haringey because we respect our customers and work to meet their needs. We provide trustworthy and transparent services. Our collection hours are flexible, and you can book our service at a convenient time.

  • Sustainable recycling

We take pride in providing carbon-neutral rubbish removal services focused on sustainability and reducing waste. We adhere to waste disposal regulations and the highest standards.

  • Efficient process

You can contact us for a same-day collection. We offer reliable and fast waste collection. Our customers rely on us for efficient, quick and convenient services with minimal disruption to your day.

A sustainable approach to cardboard disposal

We are committed to sustainable cardboard and waste disposals at Waste Removal Haringey. Our waste removal team adhere to regulations for cardboard recycling and disposal. We aim to reuse, re-purpose and recycle waste wherever possible to reduce landfill waste and protect the environment.

Cardboard and paper recycling is among the easiest ways to prevent more waste from landfill. We are an environmentally responsible waste management company and take the necessary steps to tackle excess waste. We also work to make the environment cleaner.

Contact Waste Removal Haringey on 020 37450982 for your cardboard collection and disposal.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can. Our cardboard removal services are available at weekends. We can collect cardboard from your office, commercial site or home any day of the week and recycle it. We are always available to collect your cardboard and other waste.

Yes, you can. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your cardboard disposal. When you call us, our friendly staff will give you a quote based on the information you provide. We offer affordable cardboard disposal services.

There are no hidden fees for recycling. Every cardboard removal project is unique, so the cost of disposal varies.

Yes, we do. We offer same-day rubbish removals and collection. We can give you estimates, quotes, and cardboard pick-up in one day. Call us today to benefit from our same-day cardboard removal services in Haringey.

Our cardboard disposal starts at £50. The total cost of your cardboard disposal will depend on your needs. Our staff will provide you with a customised quote. You can get an accurate quote for your cardboard disposal within two minutes. Our services do not incur extra charges for labour and recycling.

Proper rubbish removal and waste management are important for keeping any property clean and preventing pets and other critters around the commercial property or home. Getting professional rubbish removal services is essential for maintaining your property.

Waste recycling and re-purposing are vital for reducing the impact of waste on the environment. Correct removal and disposal will reduce environmental impact, whether electronic waste or perishable rubbish.

If you are clearing an open space, renovating or carrying out a complete overhaul of a property, we have the expertise and experience to handle your waste management needs. Professional waste disposal is vital for minimal disruption to activities and complete clearance.

When you choose Waste Removal Haringey, you play your role in preserving the environment.

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