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Fly tipping rubbish collection Fly tipping rubbish collection
Fly tipping rubbish collection

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Fly tipping rubbish collection Haringey

Waste Removal Haringey provides professional and quick responses for fly-tipping clearance and waste removal. We have fully licensed teams specialising in fly-tipping rubbish removal from private and public lands. We will safely clear the area, leaving it in an environmentally-friendly state.

What is fly tipping?

Fly tipping is illegally disposed waste material and other objects on the land without a license to accept it. This is usually on public areas like streets or private property. Fly tipping is unaesthetic and unpleasant and can cause health hazards to animals and humans.  

Safely removing unwanted and fly-tipped waste is necessary to restore the areas to their natural state and reduce the risk of waste impacting the general public, local environment and wildlife.

The most option for getting rid of fly-tipped waste is to contact a professional waste removal company specialising in waste disposal. Waste Removal Haringey has the expertise and equipment to make fly-tipped waste removal easy.

Fly-tipped waste can be a bin liner left on the street or a fully stuffed warehouse, communal areas in commercial or residential buildings, farmlands and parking lots. The waste can encourage pest infestation and rodents in the areas, harming the environment and anyone who comes in contact with it.  

Fly-tipped waste quickly attracts more fly-tipping. After we clear the fly-tipped waste, we will take it to the registered waste transfer agent for processing to ensure it gets disposed of following all environmental regulations and waste disposal.

Types of fly-tipping rubbish

We often remove the following fly-tipped rubbish

  • WEEE waste or electrical equipment
  • Hazardous waste
  • Green waste
  • General household rubbish
  • Furniture
  • End-of-life tyres

If you need a fly-tipping clean-up or any garbage removal service, Waste Removal Haringey is available to remove the waste and take care of your needs.

Our fly-tipping waste removal services

Waste Removal Haringey has professionals with several years of experience in fly-tipping waste removal. We work with commercial organisations, local authorities and landowners. Our services include

  • Private land clearance

If you have private land, we can help to securely and safely remove the illegally dumped waste on your property while working to reduce the impact of fly-tipped rubbish on your land.

  • Public land clearance

We can remove fly-tipped rubbish from public areas like open spaces and parks. We also work with local authorities to safely remove illegally disposed waste in local and public areas.

  • Hazardous waste removal

Illegally disposed waste often contains poisonous, hazardous, sharp or illegal substances. These substances can also be from the breakdown or the fly-tipped waste. Our clearance team are highly experienced in removing different types of waste, and we send the waste to a licensed waste transfer facility for processing following environmental regulations.

  • City, town and village removals

We remove illegally dumped waste from areas that can attract pests and rodents into residential properties and block streets, roads and pavements for drivers, residents and pedestrians.

Why choose Waste Removal Haringey?

  • We have a fully transparent pricing system, and our services are available at an affordable rate
  • Our services are reliable and trustworthy
  • We follow the Environment Agency regulation for disposing of waste, ensuring an eco-friendly and responsible waste disposal
  • We are Safe Contractor accredited and licenced by the Environmental Agency, ISO 14001, ISO 9001
  • We prioritise recycling
  • We are available during the week and at weekends with a flexible schedule
  • We handle all clearance services

Fly-tipping clearance

Our fly-tipping clearance services include:

  • Removing all hazardous materials, including asbestos which need certification
  • Disposing of rubbish in an environmentally-friendly way

We provide high-quality services at competitive. Our team will create a bespoke waste removal strategy for your budget and needs and quickly remove any waste. 

You can expect exceptional services at competitive rates from Waste Removal Haringey. We will create a waste management plan suitable for your goals and budget and remove your waste quickly.

We will clear and recycle fly-tipped waste on your property. We can also help prevent further fly-tipping on your property. We advise securing unused spaces with locks, fences, bollards, and barriers and having CCTV to prevent people from illegally dumping waste.

However, if you have fly-tipped waste on your property, we can help you quickly get rid of it. Call us today on 020 37450982 to book our fly-tipping rubbish collection service.

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