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Woodwaste collection removal and disposal Woodwaste collection removal and disposal
Woodwaste collection removal and disposal

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Woodwaste collection removal and disposal Hammersmith

Waste Removal Hammersmith provides a wide range of wood waste disposal services. Whether you carry out garden work, demolition or construction, wood waste is a common waste you must deal with.

Research shows that most people dispose of wood waste with other types of waste because they find it difficult to dispose of wood waste properly. However, this is an ineffective wood waste management strategy and not eco-friendly.

Waste Removal Hammersmith provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution for your wood waste collection and disposal. We provide wood waste recycling and disposal services, so you don't have to deal with different types of wood waste. We also tailor our services to meet our customer's needs and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Disposing of wood waste

  • The different wood waste types

Different wood waste types are available such as used wood, natural wood, problem wood and scrap wood waste.

Problem wood waste includes wood waste containing preservatives, unwanted laminated timber and a combination of regular and problem wood waste. Examples of used wood are wooden furniture, wood waste from materials such as colour pallets, and wooden building portions. Scrap wood waste includes wood waste from sawmills, construction sites and furniture factories. Natural wood waste includes leftover sawdust and wood pieces from logging activities.

  • Wood waste disposal method

For proper wood disposal, you need the right sizes and types of bins, balers, skips, and other storage containers. You can make arrangements with Waste Removal Hammersmith to get the right bins to dispose of wood waste from your business premises. When you fill the bins with waste, the removal team will come to your property at the agreed time to collect the wood waste.

Ensure your wood waste doesn't have contaminants like bits of metal that can interfere with the machine during recycling. However, it is not compulsory to separate the wood waste type or break down the wood. After collecting the wood waste, we transport it to the local wood recycling facility to sort and process it.

Wood waste management

  • How to store wood waste

Wood waste storage requires waste collection bins. These bins are pile-up stations available in different shapes, materials and sizes to reduce litter spreading.

The waste collection bins are; waste yard dumpsters, localised containers, centralised bin stations and waste transfer balers or carts.

Localised or desk-side bins are individual waste bins that help increase proper waste handling. For instance, you can position the localised containers nearby to throw minor personal waste like papers. This bin encourages people to organise their waste and promotes wood waste recycling.

Centralised bins stations, also called high-traffic containers, are for strategic points and receive wood waste from localised containers. Furniture workshops usually have centralised bins in hallways and corridors to store wood waste from the employee's workstation.

Waste transfer or utility carts are for receiving waste from the centralised stations and moving the waste if it is a transfer baler. The utility carts are big and store more waste. They are more economical compared to many high-traffic containers.

The refuse dumpster collects large amounts of wood waste and can receive tonnes of wood waste from transfer balers.

Collecting scrap wood

  • How to collect wood waste

The government has laid down laws and regulations to control wood waste disposal. For example, the UK has the Environmental Protection act and Waste Legislation that mandates companies to have a record of all waste to ensure correct disposal.

The Hazardous Waste Directive also prohibits missing non-hazardous and hazardous waste. The Duty of Care legislation requires everyone involved in importing, producing, treating, disposing or keeping regulated waste to pay the Duty Care levy. The UK government also mandate all waste collection have a Waste Transfer Note. This is a legal document with the signatures of the parties involved in sending and receiving the wood waste.

Pallet recycling

After wood waste collection, we recycle most wood waste. Wood waste requires little processing and is readily recyclable. Wood waste recycling can give wood chips, the small wood debris for creating bed gardens or a landscape cover.

Many companies compost wood waste for biomass fuel, and wood waste can be a raw material to make demolition tools, fencing wood and plywood.

Waste wood facts 

Wood waste is a major waste in the UK. Although the UK population accounts for only 1% of the world's population, it uses 3% of the world's wood. Previously wood waste was piled in dumpsites even though wood is an organic, recyclable product. However, in the last couple of years, more companies have adopted proper wood waste disposal and now reuse wood waste where possible.

What makes us stand out?

We are specialists in wood waste collection, removal and disposal services in Hammersmith. Our professionals are highly trained and have experience in wood waste management. We take all steps to protect and preserve the environment while removing and disposing of wood waste, our staff are friendly and efficient to make the wood waste disposal process easy for you.

We collect and dispose of wood efficiently, professionally and in an eco-friendly way.

Our wood waste disposal process

Contact our friendly customer care team to enquire about our wood waste disposal services and book an appointment. Our team will visit your site and grade the wood waste to provide you with a quote.

We can start the wood waste removal if you accept the quote, then load and transport the wood waste for recycling and proper disposal.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can't. Wood waste is banned from landfill.

Wood waste can be used for energy recovery and generating electricity.

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