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Air conditioning recycling Air conditioning recycling
Air conditioning recycling

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Air conditioning recycling Hammersmith

If you need an air conditioning recycling service in Hammersmith, Waste Removal Hammersmith can provide the service you need. We provide solutions for end-of-life air conditioning units to ensure compliant and safe disposal of these items.

Air conditioners are essential for most businesses, but many people do not realise that air conditioning unit disposal must be done correctly. However, you don’t have to worry about disposing of your air conditioning unit.

Different options are available for you to consider, like selling the old unit back to the manufacturer or contacting your local authority for a bulky waste collection.

Of all these options, the fastest and easiest is finding a 100% compliant want management company to pick up and dispose of the air conditioning unit.

Sustainable air conditioning recycling

Air conditioning units no longer in use can’t be thrown into a wats bin because they contain coolants like CFCs and HCFCs. These are classified as greenhouse gases and hazardous substances.

HCFCs and CFCs are dangerous to the environment and humans because they significantly contribute to ozone layer depletion. This also contributes to global warming and allows harmful UVB rays into the earth, which causes skin cancer.

HCFCs and CFCs are dangerous to the environment, so putting an old air conditioning unit with other waste is against the law. This makes it difficult for householders and businesses with a problem.

Our service

Choosing Waste Removal Hammersmith ensures your air conditioning unit disposal is in safe hands. Our services prevent HCFCs and CFCs from getting released into the environment. We can pick up air conditioners for disposal from residential and commercial properties.

We will also provide you with a certificate for your record after collection. Our service offers to customers a discount who contact us regularly for their waste disposal.  

We also dispose of freezers, TVs, computers, dishwashers and TVs in an eco-friendly way.

Why choose Waste Removal Hammersmith?

  • Quality services 

We aim to retain and get customers by providing reliable waste collection services. We only work with experienced and reliable professionals.

  • 100% compliance

Our air conditioning recycling service complies with environmental legislation to ensure your peace of mind. All collections come with an audit trail and paperwork.

  • Environmentally friendly service

Recycling all waste is our priority. We process all waste types at the authorised treatment facility for maximum recycling rates and provide reports to our customers.  

If you have electrical items, including air conditioning units, for disposal, contact Waste Removal Hammersmith now at 020 37450982. We assure you of a fast and convenient service, with documentation for the process.

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