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Building waste clearance Building waste clearance
Building waste clearance

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Building waste clearance Hammersmith

Waste Removal Hammersmith is licensed and established building waste removal service provider in Hammersmith. We can assist you in clearing rubbish from your construction or building site.

It’s estimated that the construction industry in the UK produces about 90 million tonnes of waste yearly, which is three times more than waste produced by households. If construction and building waste isn’t disposed of correctly, it can significantly impact the environment and cause issues for future generations.

Our expert team can clear out all types of construction waste. We are highly experienced experts in building and construction waste collection, treatment and recovery. Regardless of your construction site clearance needs, our team can meet them.

Why choose us?

  • Time effective
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Fully licensed
  • Available all week and at weekends
  • Prioritise reuse and recycling
  • Same day services

How can I reduce waste clearance cost

  • Store waste in one place

Try to store all waste from the construction or building site in one place, especially at a location where the waste clearance team can easily access it. This helps to reduce charges for extra labour during waste collection.

  • Separate the waste

Separate the recyclable waste from your general waste because the clearance company can offer you better rates for recyclable waste.

  • Donate

Some charities can take your unwanted items free of charge if it is still in good condition. Charities can collect items like furniture, books and clothes.

  • Do not pay for the services in advance

Some companies may offer cheaper rates to get the job and ask for a non-refundable deposit called an attendance fee. This quote is usually higher when they come to your site for waste collection. This means you have to choose between paying more for the services or losing the attendance fee you paid. 

At Waste Removal Hammersmith, we only charge for our services after completing the job and provide free, no-obligation quotes.

  • Use a licensed company

You are legally responsible for ensuring that all waste produced from running your site is properly disposed of. When you opt for a waste clearance company with a valid registration certificate, you play your role in protecting the environment.

We are a licensed waste carrier in Barnet and will ensure your waste gets to the authorised facility for recycling, destruction and reuse.

Why hire us?

Our experienced team are available to handle your construction and building waste removal needs. Our service guarantees environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste collection and clearance in Hammersmith.

We recycle and reuse as much building waste as possible because we prioritise preserving the environment. Our clearance services are flexible, and we can come to your site at a convenient time to collect any waste. We also provide same-day and next-day clearance for those requiring an urgent rubbish removal service. We understand people are always busy and can work around your schedule

Our building and construction waste clearance are affordable and cheaper than hiring a skip. We also provide excellent customer service. We are licensed and fully insured for building waste collection, so you can be confident that whatever waste we collect will be treated in the right and most eco-friendly option.

If you are in Hammersmith and need to clear any building waste quickly, contact Waste Removal Hammersmith at 020 37450982 to book our service.

Same Day Services
Same Day Services

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