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All businesses produce waste, and Waste Removal Hammersmith is available to handle your waste management needs by reducing, reusing, upcycling and recycling your business waste.

There is more awareness of the largest waste procedures to be accountable for the waste they produce. The government has implemented strict regulations and laws to ensure proper recycling and treatment of commercial waste following the highest standards.

Waste Removal Hammersmith provides responsible and professional commercial waste disposal and collection services. We help businesses to streamline their waste management process. We are a leading waste collection and disposal company that provides excellent services to commercial businesses.

Our services are reliable and affordable, and accessing our service is easy. We are a responsive and flexible commercial waste removal and disposal company. We can adjust our services and schedule to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information on our rubbish removal and collection services.

Commercial waste management for all businesses in Hammersmith

Our commercial rubbish collection and disposal services are available to all businesses in Hammersmith, from factories to shopping centres, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and office buildings.  

You can trust us to ensure every waste clearance and disposal runs smoothly regardless of your business size. Our expert removal team will work with you and tailor our services to meet your business requirements and needs.

You can contact us for regular and one-off waste clearance from your commercial property. We have a dedicated team of professionals that will quickly collect your business waste at the agreed time.

We will recycle and properly dispose of all collected waste. We always opt for green solutions and will help your business meets its corporate social responsibility (CSR) through environmental preservation.

Commercial waste collection and disposal in Hammersmith

At Waste Removal Hammersmith, we offer commercial waste collection and disposal services for businesses in different sectors.  

Our processes are easy, flexible and affordable, and be rest assured that our services are eco-friendly.  

No waste removal job is too small for us, and our rates start at £50+VAT. We can also handle massive waste clearance and disposal. We are committed to ending wastage and building a circular economy where waste is a resource that is repurposed and reused.

We have a wide range of clientele, such as offices, charities, hotels, banks, schools, property managers, and businesses in the industrial, catering and retail sectors.

Types of commercial waste we collect

Any waste produced from running any business is classified as commercial waste. If you own a business, you’ll need a licensed waste management company to dispose of waste from your business to prevent the risk of paying a fine. You can also contact us to request commercial bin cleaning.

We are a certified waste collection company in Hammersmith and can help you dispose of the following waste.

  • Municipal waste

Municipal waste includes standard waste from running a business, such as wrappers, glass, paper, cans, packaging and cardboard

  • Food waste

Food waste is under the Animal by Product regulation, so we only collect food that we can dispose of in a landfill, like cooked fish and meat (cooked ham, cooked pies, ready meal) and bakery products such as breakfast cereal, chocolate, cakes and bread. We don’t collect raw fish, meat and eggs.

Ensure you properly bag the food and that it is not in a messy condition before the collection.

  • Bulky waste

Bulky waste is considered special waste. They are items that are too large to go in bins or bags, such as chairs, tables, filing cabinets, monitors, microwaves, computers and white goods.

How to reduce commercial waste clearance cost

  • Store all waste in one place

Ensure you put all waste in one place where our professionals can easily access it to reduce the labour cost for your waste.

  • Separate the waste

While storing waste, separate the recyclable waste from general waste because we can offer you better rates for recyclable waste.

  • Donate items in good condition

You can contact some charities because they accept items in good condition, such as furniture with a fire-resistant label, clothes and books

  • Do not pay for the services in advance

Some waste management companies may offer cheaper rates to get the job and request a non-refundable deposit called an attendance fee. In most cases, the quote is higher when they arrive for the collection, and you have to choose between paying more for the services or losing the attendance fee you paid. 

We only charge after completing the job and provide free, no-obligation quotes.

  • Use a licensed company

You are legally responsible for your waste disposal, and using a company with a valid waste carrier’s registration certificate is important to prevent fines and penalties. 

We are insured and fully licensed to dispose of waste. We will collect your waste and transport it to the authorised site for recycling, reuse and proper disposal.

Why choose Waste Removal Hammersmith?

  • We offer commercial businesses complete waste management services to allow business owners to focus on running the business
  • We only use100% compliant partners for tasks our professionals can’t complete
  • We are experienced and have dedicated vehicles for the removal
  • We prioritise your needs and preserving the environment

How our service works

We know how quickly businesses accumulate waste and why they are conscious of their waste becoming unhygienic, unsightly and taking up space. It’s easy to see how accumulated waste can create a negative image of your business, so we provide commercial waste collection and disposal services.

Electrical items disposal follows the strict disposal regulation generally called WEEE, and we comply with this regulation. We can also collect asbestos, hazardous materials, other harmful liquid, gases, and chemicals.

If you are a land agent, property manager, housing association, estate agent or business owner, you can partner with us for regular waste collection services.

The following steps can help you access our service

  • Step 1

Contact us to inform us of your needs, such as the amount of waste, where it is on your property and location, and get a quote.

  • Step 2

If you accept the quote, you can book a van for the collection, depending on the size of your waste

  • Step 3

We will come at the agreed time for the waste collection and transport the collected items for disposal or recycling.

Our other services

  • Bulky waste collection
  • Office clearance and removal
  • WEEE recycling

Waste Removal Hammersmith is available to meet your commercial waste collection and disposal needs. Call us now on 020 37450982 to book our services.

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