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Garage Clearance Hammersmith

For a neat, responsible and sustainable garage waste collection and disposal in Hammersmith, kindly contact us. We do know a lot of you pack up old and not-in-use stuff in your garage, and it becomes a mess after some time.

While it may not be entirely bad to use up garage space for keeping these stuff - things you don't use or may use in years to come rather than throw them out, the garage is soon filled up with stuff you may not be able to remember what is what. And be sure that the whole place will be littered.

And when it comes to moving out those items, you will agree that it is difficult. Almost all the stuff has been covered in dust and cobwebs. Some are heavy. Some you don't even know how to tackle so it becomes a headache. But we can help you sort the whole thing out. Our reliable garage clearance comes with a strong, highly trained staff that will do all your removal like it's nothing.

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There are no hassles with booking your garage waste disposal Hammersmith

Speak with our team

Yours faithfully is eager to hear from you, so dial 020 37450982 and let's know all about the garage waste you need to dispose of.

Have your quote delivered

Tell us what type of garage junk need to be trashed. You can even snap and send us pictures. We will take it up from there to deliver you a quote for the removal.

Book a convenient date

When will you have the time to receive our team for your garage waste collection and disposal? Do let us know and if you contact us before 10a.m, you can get same-day garage garbage removal.

Garage waste disposal

This is where we take out every junk in your garage you don't need anymore, put them in our van and dispose of them.


We will carry your garage waste to a reputable recycling site close by and have them repurposed.

As dependable as we are, you can trust us to show up with the right tools and equipment, clear your garage quickly and tidy up the space afterwards.

One thing you must do for us so you don't lose items of value is clearly explain what you need to remove from your garage and what is not going out. This will help us do a specific and thorough job.

In fact, if you can keep the disposable garage items separate from the ones you still need, it will be a plus to help our team work quickly and efficiently with or without being supervised. We know so much about hoarded waste and how hard dealing with such is, and we apply a lot of professionalism and caution when faced with such tasks.

But we advise you get expert assistance prior to hiring a clearance team. Don't be bothered about where the disposed will finally land; we assure you your items will be well managed.

Garage waste we collect at Waste Removal Hammersmith

The simple answer is whatever you have stored in your garage before now; we can remove it. Garage waste can be old paints, tools, gym equipment, chairs, electrical gadgets, machinery, etc. We assure you that our job will be fast and worth every pound! Waste Removal Hammersmith will restore your garage to usefulness.

Just so you can have an idea, we remove more than the underlisted garage wastes:

  • Paint
  • Tools
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Car batteries
  • Old engine oil
  • Gas bottles
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Scrap metal
  • Any other garage waste

What is the cost of garage clearance Hammersmith?


Loading Time

Cost (No VAT)

Lowest fee or 50 kg

10 minutes


1/4 or 300 kg

20 minutes


2/4 or 500 kg

40 minutes


3/4 or 800 kg

50 minutes


Full van or 1000 kg

60 minutes


Kindly bear these in mind:

  • That the highest load limit a single van is 14 cubic yards (equal to 2.5 skips)
  • That whatever quote our rep gives in a phone call or email is tentative as they cannot measure the precise weight of the waste, define parking charges, and how accessible the property is
  • That our costs are dependent on volume, weight, loading time, assembling and disassembling (as per appliances and furniture)
  • That cost may be stretched a little where easy access to your premises is not granted or hard

Truly competent waste disposal Hammersmith

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach out quickly and professionally to as many as needs garage collection, removal and disposal across Hammersmith. We want all our customers to trust us for excellent project execution, whether there is supervision or not. Waste Removal Hammersmith is always attentive to details and ready to serve your best interest.

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Same Day Services

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