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Site clearance

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Site clearance Hammersmith

If you want to carry out large-scale construction work, you’ll need to make arrangements to clear the sites of waste and debris. At Waste Removal Hammersmith, we have a team of professionals providing site clearance services at an affordable cost. Our experts will ensure your site is clean and ready for work.

All construction jobs require a lot of preparation and planning. It’s also stressful dealing with the waste removal from the site, but our expert team can assist you with the site clearance, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our site clearance service is safe, convenient and environmentally friendly, meaning we recycle and reuse as much waste as possible instead of disposing of them in landfill sites.

Our team have the machinery for efficient and quick site clearance. When you book our clearance service, you will have certified and qualified professionals handling the job. We also provide other services, so nothing gets in the way of your construction work.

We guarantee the following

  • Any waste removal
  • Comprehensive site surveys
  • Fly-tipping waste removal
  • Metal waste and hardcore removal

Why choose Waste Removal Hammersmith

  • Hassle-free services

Our team will assist you during every step of the site clearance, from when you contact us to book our service to waste removal and disposal. This ensures a safe building waste removal service in line with environmental regulations.

  • Flexible schedule

We can come to your site anytime for construction waste removal, including bank holidays and weekends. You can also book a same-day or after-hours site clearance.

  • 24/7 availability

You can call us anytime to ask for assistance, book our services, and get a free, no-obligation quote.

  • No extra charges

The total cost of the waste removal will depend on the construction materials’ weight but will not include upfront or hidden charges.

  • Trained professionals

Our site clearance professionals are highly trained and insured. We ensure they adhere to the UK and EU waste disposal regulations to protect the environment.

We have the Environmental Waste Carriers Licence and are fully accredited with the CHAS.

  • Complete services

We handle everything involved in the site clearance, from loading to transportation and waste disposal.

What does our site clearance include?

Our site clearance team will carry out the following during your site clearance.

  • Make a thorough cost analysis and provide you with the cost before starting the work to allow you to prepare for the site clearance
  • Carry out a site survey before the site clearance or commercial waste collection
  • Remove the waste, including fly-tipped materials, metal and hardcore waste.

We can also provide you with a plan for your site waste management. We recycle or reuse as many waste materials as possible, reducing waste costs and environmental impact.  

Our site clearance cost


Six yards or half load

12 yards or full load

600kg or half load

1.2 tonne or full load






Mixed rubbish





Please note:

  • If the load is more than the maximum weight, you will pay a charge of £25kg for each additional 100kg

How to access our service

  • Call us

Contact our friendly customer care team to describe the type of waste you want to dispose of and send us pictures if possible. Our staff can organise a viewing if you aren’t sure what amount of waste you want to clear. We advise that all renovation work be completed before our service.

  • Get a quote

We will provide you with a site clearance quote based on your information. You can pick a convenient time for the clearance or book a same-day clearance.

  • Site clearance

Our professional clearance staff will come to your site, evaluate and give you a final cost before clearing the rubbish.

We will load all rubbish into our van and transport it to the nearest tip for recycling.

If you need our site clearance service, call us now on 020 37450982 to get a free quote and book our service.

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