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Wood Waste Collection

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Wood Waste Collection in Brent

The term wood waste refers to the unwanted product that is left after a lumberjack procedure or after a branch pruning procedure. The waste usually involves tree stumps, uprooted tree pieces, and even discarded trees. Most of the wood waste is generated in areas that are going through serious demolition, construction, or processes involving wood packaging. Some companies involved in the creation of wood waste include pulp and paper mills, plywood mills, furniture-making companies, particleboard mills and sawmills.

Disposing of wood waste in Brent

What are the various types of waste wood?

Waste wood exists in four different types, namely used wood, problem wood waste, natural waste wood and scrap wood.

Used wood includes the portion of wooden buildings that have been deserted, old furniture made of wood, and finally, wood from materials such as colour pallets.

However, problem wood waste includes laminated timber that is not used or unwanted, wood with preservative agents, and the blending of regular wood and problem waste wood.

Natural waste wood usually includes pieces of wood left after logging activities and leftover sawdust.

Scrap wood, on the other hand, is produced by carpenters, sawmills, and factories.

How can one dispose of the waste wood?

Disposing of waste wood begins with the right type and size of bins and containers for temporary storage. The waste removal company can collect or pick them up for disposal at intervals or at agreed times. You can contact us at Waste Removal Brent for the supply of waste or rubbish bins and for collection and disposal of waste wood at agreed times.

One thing you must ensure, however, is that the waste wood is not contaminated with any foreign matter like metal, as this can cause interference when they waste wood is being recycled.

Management of waste wood

How is wood waste meant to be stored?

Waste wood is not meant to be littered anyhow. This is why you should get a dust bin or container for temporary storage before it is collected for disposal by waste or clearance companies. The containers for the temporary storage of waste are of different types, namely localised containers, transfer bales or carts, centralised bin stations and even yard dumpsters. These containers have varying purposes and when they can be used. Contact a waste removal or waste clearance company like Waste Removal Brent for help getting the right container for wood waste.

What is involved in wood waste recycling?

When wood waste has been collected, it can be recycled in different ways. Some wood waste does not need much processing, and some others require more. It all depends on what the final product is supposed to be. Some of the common products of recycled wood include tools for demolition, wood for fencing, plywood and even biomass fuel.

Are you looking for a reliable and reputed waste clearance company to clear out your wood waste? If you do, then give us a call at Waste Removal Brent.

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