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White goods disposal and recycling White goods disposal and recycling
White goods disposal and recycling

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White goods disposal and recycling Brent

Most homes in the UK own at least one white good because they are essential for household functions like cleaning, keeping food fresh and cooking. However, because they are used frequently, they break down fast and need disposal.

Old or broken down white goods require recycling and disposal following environmental regulations. You can contact Waste Removal Brent for reliable, efficient and professional white goods clearance in Brent. We will ensure your electrical waste is cleared, transported and recycled responsibly.

What are white goods?

White goods are large electrical appliances usually found in homes. The name ‘white goods’ became common because most large electrical appliances were traditionally white or enamel-coated.

However, they are available in different colours that fit into your home’s interior décor. Presently, ‘white goods’ is a broad term for large electrical home appliances, regardless of colour.

White goods we collect

We have an experienced and skilled team and different sizes of vehicles, so we can collect a wide range of white goods. We collect all electrical appliances, including white goods.

With our license and expertise, we carry out all white goods disposal in line with UK law. We also recycle the slightly more complex equipment that contains toxic elements into the environment.  

We collect:

  • Cookers
  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Tumble dryers
  • Washing machines
  • Radiators
  • Microwave

We collect electrical waste as part of WEEE disposal. You can contact us to know if your waste classifies as a white good.

Why choose us?

  • Brent-based waste management company

We are based in Brent, which allows us to provide effective and fast waste management services with quick response times. We know that most people wouldn’t want to leave their old fridge, washing machine or freezer lying around when you replace the appliance, so we offer same-day white goods clearance.

We have provided first-class waste removal services in Brent for many years, and you can trust us for efficient and quick white goods disposal.

  • Skilled professionals

Electrical waste removal and disposal require professional help because there are laws you must follow to carefully and responsibly dispose of electrical waste like white goods. We have specialists handling WEEE management and recycling in a compliant and eco-friendly and compliant way.

Every member of our disposal team is experienced, skilled and accredited, so you are sure the disposal of your white goods is in safe and capable hands.

  • Flexible and fast service

White goods can require replacement unexpectedly. This makes us offer flexible and fast and flexible clearance service. Our professional team works during the week, weekends and holidays to help you clear your waste at any time.

  • Environmentally friendly service 

We prioritise the environment, and we will ensure safe disposal regardless of how difficult recycling waste is. We recycle at least 80% of collected waste, including white goods. When you book white goods collection service, you take the right step to protect the environment.

Our experience also means that we know the appropriate recycling centres, including what they accept and don’t.

  • Friendly customer service

We have great relationships with our clients. Our outstanding customer service sets us apart from other waste management companies. We have several retained contracts, allowing us to provide expert services to satisfied clients for several years.

If you go through our reviews, you’ll find excellent reviews reflecting our friendly, professional and safe services.

Our white goods disposal service

Disposing white goods can be challenging for many households in Brent because the waste is bulky and can’t be disposed of in domestic waste bins because of their electrical components. Waste Removal Brent makes white goods easy.

You can access our service following these five simple steps

  • Consultation and quote

If you want to replace a white good in your home or your white goods break down and require replacement, we can help you remove the appliance.

Call us for more information on our services, and our customer care team will discuss your needs and the cost of the services, then offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

  • Book an appointment

If you accept the disposal quote, we will book the removal of the white goods at a convenient time for you. Our schedule is flexible, so we can work around your routine regardless of how busy you are.  

We also offer same-day white goods collection for people who need urgent collections, so you don’t have to stress yourself or store old white goods.

  • Heavy lifting and collection

Although white goods are especially challenging to get rid of, we do not mind handling them and recycling as much of them as possible. If you dispose of white goods incorrectly or in a landfill, they generate waste that pollutes the environment because the appliances contain high amounts of toxic gases and metal.

You can prevent this and protect the environment by hiring professional waste management professionals to collect and recycle electrical waste.

Cost of white goods disposal

Disposing of your white goods doesn’t have to be expensive. We provide excellent services at competitive rates. Our white goods removal service is affordable. Our rate depends on the volume of waste collected, the location of the item on your premises and how close our team can park to your property. There are no hidden charges with us, and we will happily send you a personalised quote.

Our team can also collect

  • Office furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Sofas

If you want to dispose of white goods, contact our team on 020 3745 0982 to book our white goods waste collection and recycling service.

Frequently asked questions

White goods are the larger electrical appliances in a home like ovens, fridges and washing machines, while small goods are the smaller and easier to transport like televisions, radios and laptops. White and brown goods fall under WEEE, and our team can collect them.

The lifespan of white goods varies. Several white goods are available, and some are naturally longer-lasting than others due to less usage.  

The model and make of an appliance, including how well you care for the white good, are also determining factors. White goods generally have a fire risk if they aren’t fit for use or damaged, making disposal necessary.

Yes, you do. Understanding how to prepare your fridge freezer for removal is important. Before collecting your freezer or fridge, you need to defrost it to prevent it from leaking during transit. You can defrost your fridge by doing the following.

  • Put old newspaper and towels around the freezer to catch water from melting ice. You may have to replace them often while it defrosts
  • Turn off the freezer and remove all shelves, drawers and frozen foods
  • Give the fridge time to dry and air

If you do not defrost and empty your fridge before the collection time, we will not remove and dispose of it, but you may still pay the call-out charge,

Fridges require careful disposal because of their components and the hazardous gases they can give off, so taking them to the skip for disposal may not be an easy solution.

Some councils collect large waste, including white goods, for a fee. However, because of high demand and limited resources, the collection may take longer than hiring a professional waste management company.

A few laws are relevant for white goods disposals, such as the Household Waste Duty of Care Regulations 2005 (England and Wales), the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and the Removal of ODS-EC regulation.

We comply with all these laws when disposing of white goods waste. We fully understand these laws, so when you book our service, you don’t have to worry about researching waste disposal or paying a fine.

Removing an integrated dishwasher is challenging, especially when you handle it yourself. However, our professionals can assist you in removing your integrated dishwasher.

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