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Construction waste removal Construction waste removal
Construction waste removal

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Removal of construction waste in Brent

During renovations, building and construction, waste is always generated. This type of waste is quite different from the waste produced in homes and offices and can be difficult to be disposed of. When it comes to getting rid of waste, there are laws that ensure the proper disposal of such waste, and these laws oblige all construction companies and builders to dispose of construction wastes responsibly.

Unfortunately, lack of time or resources is often an issue that interferes with the disposal of construction waste. There are waste removal companies all over that see to the proper and responsible disposal of waste in London.

Waste Removal Brent is one of the leading waste and rubbish removal companies in Brent and in London. We offer professional waste collection and removal services to clients in the private and public sector. For waste collection and disposal, you can trust us with the following

  • Waste pick-up and disposal
  • Vehicles for disposal of waste
  • 24/7 availability and booking
  • Affordable charges and rates
  • Transparent charges and costs
  • Experienced and qualified workers
  • Full insurance

Who are we?

For your waste collection and disposal in your homes or offices, or workplaces, we are available. We are one of the leading construction and general waste clearance in Brent, London. We offer our services to all and sundry, including huge construction jobs and small ones. You can call us at any time to clear out construction waste from your property after renovation or construction. Our staff and team members will be available to deliver our services and take the stress of disposal off your hands.

High reviews

After spending years delivering quality services to all our customers, it is no surprise to see several positive reviews from satisfied customers. Our numerous reviews only prove that we are efficient and effective in our services. From the confirmation of your appointment, to setting up a date and time for pick-up and disposal, our team of experienced workers guarantee a job well done.

Our services are headquartered in Brent, however, we also provide our services to all parts of London as well. You can contact us at any time, and we will respond. We are available all day and everyday, including weekends and holidays. For emergency pick-up and disposal, feel free to reach out to us.

What we do

For all kinds of waste disposal, you should not hesitate to reach out to us for help. Some of the construction waste you can call us for include plasterboards, timber, mixed woods, rubble, glass, tiles, concrete, tins, bricks, paint, metal, etc. Our services are tailored to suit your schedule and routine. Work with us today by giving us a call to book an appointment.

Why you should choose us today

Although there are several clearance and waste collection companies in London, not all companies are worth considering. Nonetheless, below are some reasons why you should choose us at Waste Removal Brent for removal of construction waste in Brent.

  1. Affordable and competitive rates

    At Waste Removal Brent, we offer quality services at affordable prices. There are no hidden or exorbitant charges with us. All our charges are transparent, fair and affordable. When you contact us, you get a free quote. Afterwards when all work has been completed, we will only charge you when the work is done. Find out our rates by contacting us today.

  2. We make our customers a priority

    For every customer, we provide services that are tailored around their schedules and time. Furthermore, we ensure that all our customers receive the best form of service that we can offer. In the end, we ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our work.

  3. A power-packed team of professionals

    At Waste Removal Brent, we take special care in the people we have working with us. This is to ensure maximum satisfaction for all our customers. Our team of staff and workers are experienced, qualified and certified for the job. All our staff have been trained in waste collection and proper disposal. Give us a trial today.

  4. Environmentally friendly

    In everything we do, we pay attention to the environment and the impact of our actions. This is why we ensure the proper waste disposal of all waste collected from different areas. Items that are recyclable are sent to the areas for recycling, and the waste disposed in ways that do not affect the environment.

Commonly asked questions

  • What do you refer to as construction waste?

Construction waste simply means the waste or unwanted materials that are produced during construction processes like renovation, building, construction or demolition. Some common examples of construction waste include timber, rubble, bricks and even plasterboard.

  • Can anyone dispose of construction waste?

No. Only a certified and licensed company can dispose of construction waste. Any individual or company that disposes of construction waste must have a license from an Environmental Agency to do so. This is important as a note of waste transfer must be provided by the company or individual to explain how the waste was disposed of. To make things easier, you can contact a waste clearance company like Waste Removal Brent, as we are licensed, insured and fully and qualified to dispose of your construction waste.

  • Do we have to separate the waste?

As a professional waste removal company, it does not matter if you separate the waste or not, we collect all kinds of waste from non-recyclable to recyclable. When we pick up, we will separate the hazardous waste from non-hazardous waste.

We at Waste Removal Brent are all you need to ensure that your construction waste are properly disposed of. We are licensed, certified and insured for the collection and disposal of all kinds of waste. Contact us today to get a free quote and get a note of waste transfer when we pick up your waste or rubbish.

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