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Building Waste Clearance

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Building Waste Clearance in Brent

Construction sites are not just famous for erecting and creating new structures, but also for generating construction or builder’s waste. Statistics have shown that the construction industry produces about 90 million tons of waste or rubbish yearly. This is thrice the number of all households in major cities in UK. When such a huge amount of waste is not properly disposed of, one can only imagine the toll it takes on the environment and climate.

Fortunately, there are waste removal bodies and companies qualified and licensed to dispose of this waste properly and effectively. Waste Removal Brent is one of the leading waste removal companies in Brent and London. We specialise in the collection, clearance and disposal of all kinds of waste, including construction or builder’s waste. From rubble to timber, we dispose of all manner of waste generated during construction.

Why should you choose us?

We are certainly not the only waste removal company in Brent and all of London, but we are definitely good at what we do. Below are some reasons why you should not hesitate to contact us for the collection and disposal of builder’s waste.

  • We are licensed and certified
  • We are reliable and trusted
  • We are affordable
  • We are efficient
  • We are available same day including weekends
  • We offer same-day services
  • We are conscious of the environment

How can you reduce the charges or cost incurred during clearance?

Below are some tips to follow if you want to reduce the charges that may be incurred during the clearance process

  1. Put all the rubbish together

Avoid scattering all the rubbish and waste in different places. Make sure all the dust bins and trash bins are put together in one spot for easy access and collection. This will also reduce the charges that will be incurred because of extra labour.

  1. Donate where possible

You do not have to trash items that are still in good condition. You can donate them to people who will have a good use for them or to charity.

  1. Separate recyclable materials

Items that are recyclable should be put in a separate bin from general waste. In some cases, you can get a good deal for these materials during pick-up or collection.

  1. Avoid paying in advance

There are companies that charge an advance fee, often referred to as ‘attendance fee’ in exchange for a cheaper service. This fee is non-refundable, and when they show up, they can quote a higher charge, leaving you wondering if you should go ahead with their rates or forfeit the attendance fee. It is safer to contact companies that charge you after work has been completed and at no extra obligation.

  1. Go for a company that is licensed

The law states that you are responsible for ensuring that all the waste generated during building or construction is properly disposed of. A licensed and certified clearance company makes that possible for you as we are legally qualified to dispose of all waste according to laws on your behalf.

Why should you hire us today?

Our work begins when you contact us and book an appointment for a date and time. We also offer same-day services, and this means you can contact us, and we will come pick it up by contacting us, our support team will handle all enquiries and questions you may have and set up a date and time that is suitable for your schedule and routine.

We can promise you that all waste collected will be recycled and properly disposed of. Get started with us today at Waste Removal Brent, and give us a call to clear out your construction waste.

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Same Day Services

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