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Catering & Retail Waste Disposal Catering & Retail Waste Disposal
Catering & Retail Waste Disposal

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Catering & Retail Waste Disposal in Brent

Catering waste refers to any waste that has been produced in the kitchen, restaurant, or canteens. Some examples of these waste include edibles like meat or fish that have been processed or cooked and baked foods and pastries containing meat, fish or dairy products. Presently, there have been concerns regarding the amount and type of waste that is currently being generated from the hospitality sector. For this reason, this sector has been obligated to dispose of the waste they are generating.

Fortunately, we at Waste Removal Brent are here to help with the proper disposal of catering waste. We provide waste collection and disposal services to all types of businesses. This means we are qualified to collect and dispose of all kinds of waste, including waste from catering.

Disposal of catering waste in Brent

Because of the presence of raw food like meat, eggs and fish, catering waste, unfortunately, cannot be disposed of in a landfill. This can make the disposal of such waste a huge problem if you are in the food business. Fortunately, we are in the business of waste disposal, and as such, we know all the rules and laws involved in disposing of catering waste.

You can get in touch with us at any time for enquiries. Meanwhile, we collect and dispose of all types of catering waste, like food waste, packaging materials like cardboard, glass and plastics. We also dispose of waste directly or indirectly related to catering waste, such as knives and cutlery, chemical items, liquid waste, sanitary waste, etc.

Management of catering waste

As a waste collection company, we do not only deal with the collection and disposal of catering waste, but we also provide industries in the catering sector with containers and trash bins for the separation and collection of their waste. These bins can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Similarly, we have options for industries that generate or produce catering waste in large quantities. Our certification and qualifications mean we work in accordance with the laws that forbid the disposal of catering waste in sewers or drains.

Contact us today, and we will ensure your catering waste is disposed of in compliance with the law.

Disposal of catering waste according to different categories

  1. Food waste

Food wastes are transported or moved to biogas plants, after which they are disintegrated by microbes for the production of methane gas. The gas produced can be used to produce electricity for industries and homes.

  1. Cooking oil

Waste oils are stored in large drums where they are used for the manufacture of biodiesel. They can also be burnt to generate electricity.

  1. Plastics, dairy tubs and cutlery

These items are transported to any recycling plant where they are recycled. Glasses, on the other hand, are moved to a plant where they are treated, washed or cleaned and melted again to make new glass or used for construction.

The rate at which the catering sector produces waste is a cause for alarm. Fortunately, our waste and dust bins are of varying sizes, enough to cater to any size of rubbish and reduce waste's impact on the environment. Finally, you can contact us for a bespoke waste service that includes the supply of free dust bins and regular pick-up or collection of waste and disposal.

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