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IT equipment disposal IT equipment disposal
IT equipment disposal

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IT equipment disposal and clearance Barnet

Responsible and safe computer recycling and IT disposal are huge issues, including complete data erasure and compliant data destruction. Over the past five years, about 12.5 million computers have been dumped in UK landfills.

Research also shows that one in four people dump old computers and IT equipment instead of recycling them.

Green solution for IT needs

Waste Removal Barnet provides green solutions for all IT disposal needs, and we can securely and safely collect the following to recycle them.

  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Smartphones, servers and mobile phones
  • Devices with hard drives
  • EPOS, AV equipment and data equipment
  • Computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors and tablet

You can contact us for all IT and e-waste removal and disposal

Computer recycling collections in Barnet

Our experienced and certified teams provide on-demand computer collection for recycling in Barnet. You can call us from any location in Barnet, and we will arrive quickly to remove any IT equipment.

Planned computer system upgrade and IT disposal

Although there has been an increase in e-waste: businesses and households in the UK produce up to 1.45 million tonnes of e-waste yearly, most people struggle with getting a convenient, secure and sustainable solution for their e-waste disposal.

Businesses often require periodic upgrades to their computer system and IT equipment. Downsizing and relocation are often the major reasons companies plan an upgrade for IT equipment and computer. These companies will need a computer and IT equipment collection.

GDPR-compliant data destruction

A commonly issue people overlook during computer recycling and disposal is personal and company data, which is the most valuable IT or digital asset.

Computer recycling and safe disposal of office and home IT equipment should always be a top priority. An end-of-life computer system requires complete data destruction and erasure following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforced since May 2018 and complies with the UK National Cyber Security Centre or NCSC.

Your duty in WEEE-compliant regulations

The WEEE regulation mandates business owners and householders to dispose of their IT equipment and computers correctly. Failing to dispose of WEEE waste like IT equipment and computer following the right procedures may result in fines of up to £5,000.

When you book our IT equipment collection service, you are sure a reliable company is handling the service. We will correctly dispose of your computer and recycle it.

On-demand services

We offer on-demand customer service for computer recycling in Barnet. Our service also includes secure data destruction, data removal and IT disposal.

How does our service work?

  • Call our friendly team to inform us of your needs, and we will provide you with a quote
  • You can book a same-day collection or at any suitable time
  • We will come at the agreed time to collect the IT equipment or computer for recycling and proper disposal

If you need an urgent collection or call us before noon, we can collect the IT equipment or computer on the same day. You can trust us for fast computer collection and secure data erasure.

Transparent pricing

We will always provide you with an honest, up-front quote to know how much you will pay for our service.

Whether you are collecting or recycling one or more computers, or a more extensive IT equipment collection, we can handle it. What you pay for our service is the price on the quote.

Top Environment Agency-registered waste carrier

Waste Removal Barnet is a top Environment Agency-registered waste carrier in Barnet. We are fully certified for IT equipment collection and disposal. We aim to reduce landfill waste and reduce the harmful effect of the waste.

Screens containing harmful heavy metals

Many laptops and computer screens contain harmful heavy metals like cadmium, lead and mercury. The plastic components also consist of flame retardants and chemicals that can contaminate water and soil and enter into the food chain.

We have up to 93% ethical waste disposal rate for our computer and IT equipment disposal and recycling services.

Tracked report and assent inventory

We have many licensed professionals experienced in safe and secure waste collection, green recycling of computers and safe data disposal. These services are available to companies, private households, public service organisations, and local and commercial authorities.

We provide tracked reports in our waste management services, such as data destruction, recycling, sales and inventory.

Our clients can monitor their IT data assent during every step from collection to disposal.

  • Waste transfer note or WTN at the point of collecting the equipment
  • Asset inventory for all items entered by serial number, equipment type and the manufacturer model
  • Sales report for equipment resold and the rebate value
  • A certified record of data destruction

Why choose Waste Removal Barnet

  • On-demand service
  • Responsible and ethical
  • Up to 93% recycling rate
  • Experienced and certified professionals

Contact Waste Removal Barnet on 020 37450982 for your IT equipment clearance and disposal.


You can contact us for our friendly staff to provide you with a quote

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Same Day Services

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