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Furniture Removal Barnet

It can be daunting to deal with old and heavy furniture when you are moving into a new home or refurbishing. Wrongfully disposing of your furniture can come with serious issues like prosecution, fines, and damaged goods.

We like for you to have a hassle-free relocation which is why Waste Removal Barnet offers several different but unique furniture disposal packages. We know just how to collect and dispose of your old furniture so you don't get into trouble with the law nor do the environment ill.

Waste Removal Barnet Services


If you are moving homes or offices, your furniture is always a great concern. Some furniture are really expensive. You wouldn't want to have them damaged. Since that's the case, give us a call for professional and safe lifting and loading of your furniture. We are heavily equipped with all furniture transportation tools, so rest easy because no scratch will be seen on your furniture during transit and upon arrival.


90% of people are into dumping old furniture in landfills. This has raised the concern for more environment-conscious disposal. Perhaps one reason for this is the lack of expert furniture disposal. Thankfully, we are now here to help you reuse your old furniture through optimal recycling so that the environment can be spared the dangerous impact. Besides, using a service like ours stands you out as an eco-friendly home or business owner who is ready to protect the planet and evade costly fines that come with irresponsible dumping.

Waste Removal Barnet furniture removal  services

Only the best hands are found in Waste Removal Barnet, which is why all our waste collection and disposal go well everytime. Is it that you are moving out or just want to dispose of old furniture, we offer bespoke solutions with ease. Even if you need same-day furniture removal in Barnet, we can arrange that for you.

Our furniture removal services come in different packages based on the fact that different pieces of furniture require special handling. Take, for instance, WEEE waste disposal needs to strictly follow the regulations, while sofa disposal would be disposed of knowing they hardly decompose. That said, our furniture disposal services are as follows:

We remove sofa

Our sofa removal also accepts furniture pieces like armchairs, footrests and ottomans. When you are disposing of your sofa, of course, you will lift and move them; however, when you hire us, we take on the lifting and loading - ensuring that nothing gets damaged in the process.

We remove mattress

Even as professionals have recommended the disposal of mattresses after 7 years of use, we can assist you with such disposal when needed. If your mattress is tired-looking, old or due for an upgrade, trust us to handle everything in an eco-friendly way.

Whatever shape and size of mattress you have, bring them to us, we will help with ethical disposal. We are talking about king-size, sofa, cot plus any other mattress dimension.

We remove white goods

When it comes to disposing of white goods: oven, microwave, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, etc., one much be extremely careful because the regulation on white goods (WEEE) disposal is rigid. And that's where we come in because you might not find this easy.

So, our team gets to pick up your white goods and transport them to recycling plants to be reused, avoiding landfill dumping that destroys the environment.

We remove office furniture

Whether you are removing some or all your old office furniture, we are competent in handling the collection and disposal of filing cabinets, desk chairs, monitors, laptops, computers and electric. Still applying WEEE waste disposal regulations, all office electronics will see eco-friendly disposal from our team of professionals.

And we offer this service anytime that is convenient for you, even after office hours, so we don't disrupt your business at all.

Getting an appointment for furniture removal Barnet

We are a fully licensed, local furniture removal provider across Barnet. We help you fulfil your needs of disposing of undesirable furniture from your home or business in the best and legal way. And you don't need to stress yourself to get us on your furniture removal project:

  1. Let's talk: Call 020 37450982, and you will speak with our professional team. Tell us what furniture you need to remove, when you will be around, and your budget. We will take it up from there to issue you a zero-cost obligation-free quote.

  2. Schedule an appointment: If our quote appeals to you, we will set up an appointment for you on a convenient date and time. You are at liberty on this day because you won't be under any pressure of seeing us - it will be a comfortable time and day for you. After fixing this appointment, just go on with your routine activities, and we will be there on the day of removing your furniture.

  3. Furniture removal: Our team will be on ground, fully prepared to remove your old furniture safely and expertly from your home or office. You will be issued a waste transfer note after we have loaded up and gone. This note is a warranty of eco-friendly and responsible disposal of your waste furniture.

Use our furniture removal services in Barnet

Vast experience and dependable

All our staff are proud of removing furniture in the most professional way and are experienced in the way of organising furniture removal such that it is damage-free and seamless. Having a team like ours on your furniture removal is an assurance of safety and disposal with the environment in mind.

And you need not do a thing; our men will lift and load all your furniture.

Customer-centric service

Straight from the first phone call for furniture removal enquiry, you will begin to experience our expertise and that we are in charge. We take our time to listen to your every need and pay attention to details. This implies that no mistakes will be made, and the project will be without hitches.

Built around your needs and time

There are moments in life when we get so busy. And that is why we offer services that are built around your needs and time. We are ready to remove your furniture at any time you need us to. We will not disturb your business and will remove your old furniture fast and smoothly.

Very good price

What you pay for our sofa removal will be different from mattress removal and so on, but they are all fair price services that will give you peace of mind. And our fees are highly transparent; no surprise charges. What we quote is what you pay, and that's it.

Cost of furniture removal Barnet

Price has always been top of mind for every service anyone is getting. But for our services, the price has been one of the motivations for our customers and that's because we bring it to a level that everyone can afford.

In this case, your furniture removal in Barnet is not going to be expensive, in fact, we begin from as low as £50. The variance in cost will follow:

  • Your residence or office location
  • Waste capacity to be collected
  • Type of waste (electrical waste, toxic waste, what type?)
  • If you need waste collection urgently
  • Storage location of your old furniture
  • Proximity of our van to your property
  • Whatever additional costs that could arise like parking and permits
  • If it is a residential or commercial waste removal

Does our quote cover all that there is to do the job? Absolutely. From the collection, to disposal and recycling, all the fees are factored into the quote we issue you. We won't overcharge you for your furniture clearance.

FAQs about furniture removal Barnet

Your local recycling plant is where you can take your old furniture to when you are disposing of it yourself. However, recycling plants have limitations on waste management. Based on this, there is need for you to plan DIY furniture disposal on time. Moving your furniture to a local recycling site can be difficult.

Ease all this stress with a quick and functional solution like Waste Removal Barnet for your furniture disposal. What is your schedule like? We will work with it to collect and dispose of your junk expertly.

We collect furniture from flats and other types of property in Barnet. If you live in bungalows or storey buildings, just know that we can clear your furniture without a fuss.

Waste Removal Barnet will duly compensate you if your furniture gets lost or damaged while we are removing it. And that's because we have full insurance coverage for removals. But bear in mind that with experts like us, it becomes increasingly difficult to have any problems with your furniture removal.

Sure. We take care of furniture that are big, small or moderate-sized. Our team can disassemble, lift, load, and reassemble any furniture size using our wide range of vans.

Nearly all furniture types are cleared by Waste Removal Barnet. Typical furniture we remove are filing cabinets, sofas, mattresses, desks, tables, chairs, wardrobes, bookcases, chests of drawers, and garden furniture. Please inquire about any stuff you want us to remove that you are unsure about. Call us on 020 37450982 and ask any questions concerning our furniture removals.

The simple answer is yes. We can take your furniture from wherever it is to wherever you want it to be in the UK. So, don't hesitate to come to us. Distance is not a problem for us. Let's hear from you today.

Sure, we do it with ease at Waste Removal Barnet. We are trained to remove furniture. Disassembling may not be needed since we have a lot of van sizes that can carry different size furniture. What we will do is look for a van that can carry your furniture and come with it for the removal. But if it is necessary that we disassemble and put your furniture back together again, we are most happy to help you do so.

As fast as a same-day removal. Knowing how hectic relocation can be and the deadlines involved, we operate a 24-hours booking so you can leverage that and have your furniture removed within the hour. Tell us what time you have in mind and we will work towards it.

Buoyed by experience and industry-standard training, we stand tall in furniture removal from all over UK. So, don't think twice about hiring us at your earliest convenience to remove your furniture.

That's our middle name - recycling! We do it every now and then for waste, including furniture that is old. We have maintained a high level of recycling - a minimum of 90% of collected junk. Part of our recycling is to encourage customers to give our their old and still usable furniture to local charities or anyone may use them. There are many organisations that can put your old furniture to good use such as local hospices, homeless shelters, women's refugees, etc.

You will see more on fees under the cost of furniture removal in Barnet. However, we are affordable and will work with you on any disposal you need.

Our team will do the loading. This is how much we take care of your waste needs. So, you have no need to lift any furniture.

Compared to the council collection procedure, which requires that you carry your furniture from wherever it is inside your property and keep it outside before they arrive, our men will move in and carry your furniture so you can relax and not stress yourself.

Many councils will accept old furniture as an item under bulky waste collection service. But they ask for a fee. Most council collections will just take 5 large items max per time, and that can be an issue. Try to know whether your local council offers this service and how much they will charge.

Provided your furniture is still in a functional state, you can gift it to a local charity from where it can go to any home that needs it for free. But these services do take time as a lot of people queue to deliver their old furniture. This is why this channel is not a good choice if you need a quick removal of your furniture.

Some furniture needs to carry fire labels as a requirement to be lawfully sold. Without these, charity shops won't take in these items. Should you be looking at gifting your furniture to local charities, let us know and we will help you.

Compared to charities, Waste Removal Barnet takes sofas that don't have fire labels. We do not sell old furniture; we rather recycle them in more ways than one. If you find it difficult taking that furniture to local charity as they won't accept it, bring them to us right away.

We will carefully disassemble your furniture and recycle it properly at the recycling plants because we manage waste very well.

Not just your sofa but any other furniture that you fly-tip is against the legislation. You should not do this because any furniture you dump on the street can become a house for pets, be hazardous, and nauseate people. You can only leave your furniture outside only when you must have arranged for a local council to come to collect it and you have proof. For instance, the local council collection procedure is that you keep your furniture clearly in sight on the outside of your building. Dumping your waste carelessly is a huge offence in the UK, liable to get one imprisoned or pay heavy fines.

Just so you don't get to pay these fines and be a lawbreaker, hire our company experts for ethical and responsible sofa disposal. We will make it fast and do it properly. Waste Removal Barnet will not disappoint you nor cause you any unnecessary stress as much as furniture disposal is concerned.

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