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Catering waste disposal Catering waste disposal
Catering waste disposal

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Catering waste disposal in Barnet

There are different types of waste, each produced in a different way and different places. One of such waste is catering waste, and it is related to the food and hosting sector. Generally, any waste that is generated in restaurants, kitchens and canteens is referred to as catering waste. Presently, the rate at which catering waste is generated has become a cause for alarm in most areas. For this reason, laws have been enacted that mandate business owners in the food sector to manage and effectively get rid of their waste.

Fortunately, there are waste removal companies all around the world that see to the proper management of catering waste, and Waste Removal Barnet is one of these. We specialise in the management of catering waste, and this involves the pick-up and disposal of catering waste such as food like fish or meat that has been processed, cooked, or pastries that contain dairy products, meat or fish.

Here at Waste Removal Barnet, we offer catering waste management services that are suitable for businesses in the food sector.

Disposal of waste from catering

When it comes to food or catering waste, there are several laws and regulations involved. These laws and regulations are there because of the presence of food like meat, fish or eggs that are either raw or cooked. These food items cannot be disposed of in a landfill, and for this reason, they must be properly disposed of. Fortunately, we are here to help, and we collect all kinds of catering waste for management.

A few examples of the catering waste we collect include plastics, packaging materials like cardboard, food waste like raw or uncooked foods, glass, chemical waste, sharp and dangerous items like knives, liquid waste and fabrics.

Management of catering waste

For our clients, there are dust bins and containers we can deliver for the temporary storage and collection of your catering waste. These bins and containers are of different sizes, and you can also have the option of customising the bins if you generate a larger than usual amount of waste from your business. One of the laws that prohibit the disposal of catering waste in drains and sewers makes it highly important to get bins. Simply get across to us for more information on how to get one.

Meanwhile, below are some ways catering waste can be recycled or reutilised for use.

  1. Plastics, dairy tubs and cutleries

    These wastes are moved to a plant for recycling. Glasses are treated, washed and then melted to produce new glass materials, and new cutleries or they are used to make bricks for construction.

  2. Cooking oil

    When cooking oil is seen as catering waste, it is stored and further used to produce biodiesel. They can also be burnt and used to create electricity

  3. Biodegradable matter

    Other forms of catering waste that are biodegradable are used to produce fertiliser in the agricultural sector.

  4. Food waste

    Food wastes are generally taken to biogas plants for disintegration by microbes. This action produces methane gas, and it can be used to generate electricity for power industries and in homes. It is seen as a more sustainable and alternative form of energy.

Statistics have shown that the catering sector produces several tons of waste. This waste can be recycled into energy or into other forms of useful materials. Contact us today for your supply and collection of bins and containers for catering waste in Barnet. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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