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Event clearance

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Event clearance Barnet

Events generate large volumes of waste, and research shows that an event attendee produces 1.89kg of waste during an event. 85% of this waste goes to a landfill, depending on the event’s location and type.

Many people do not consider the amount of human resources and labour that go into planning and organising events. Dealing with trashcollection and clean-up after any event is stressful. However, you can contact Waste Removal Barnet to take care of your event clearance.

We can also provide specialised waste bins to make waste clearance easy. We also assist in planning and creating sustainable event clearance strategies for events.

The success of an event depends on many factors, including how you manage the waste. You can partner with us for a smooth event clearance. We can work with you to create bespoke services to meet your specific needs.

Implementing trash management practices like placing sufficient waste and recycling bins and supporting the right waste management regulations helps create a sustainable event waste removal to reduce the environmental impact.

Every event needs a good management plan, and protecting the environment needs effective waste management. The aim of effective waste management is efficient, cost-effective and sanitary solid waste storage, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal without harm to the water system, environment or land.

The following practices can help in event waste management

  • Waste restriction in the event

Event organisers can reduce the amount of waste brought into an event. They can also prohibit outside food and drinks getting consumed at the event. With these restrictions, they can place recycling containers with customised signs strategically.

Having recycling bins inside the venue is important. You can make the waste depots more visible by placing signs with text and pictures.

  • Encourage mass participation

Everyone needs to play a role in protecting the environment, so engaging visitors and fans to reduce waste affecting the environment is a good initiative. You can place notices with billboards and posters or obvious signs on bins.

  • Waste management strategy

Waste management and prevention depend on the service provider’s experience, time and commitment. However, ensuring easy and proper waste management is necessary. We can communicate with vendors to know the level of expected waste and how to manage it.

Barnet waste collection

We offer event waste collection services in Barnet to both companies and individuals. Regardless of the event you want to organise, we are up to the task, from charity events to theatrical productions, charity events, festivals and sporting events, we can manage your waste management needs.

Without the right waste management company, tracking and clearing waste produced during the event can be difficult. We will happily partner with you to keep your activities and events litter-free.

Music festivals and large events like summer fetes and weddings often need help with the waste generated. Our well-trained waste collectors can handle your waste to ensure aclean area.

We have been providing clearance services for several years and have insurance, license and accreditation for waste management. We have an exceptional reputation and are dedicated to preserving the environment.

Our services are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We will sort the waste and recycle as much of it as possible to divert waste from landfills.

Outdoor event waste management

We can handle keeping any event area clean and without waste. We will also provide you with the right bin sizes. We will assist you from the event planning process to after the event until we have cleared all waste.

Our professionals will create an effective waste management plan for your event. Our outdoor event waste management is top-rated. You can also hire us for other services like clinical and hazardous waste management.

Indoor event waste management

We handle indoor event waste clearance and can customise the clearance service to meet specific needs. We can also provide you with trash stations, litter pick-up, recycling alternatives, and hazardous and clinical waste disposal.

We make your needs a priority and will ensure your indoor space is clean during and post-event. Our staff will address your concerns from the indoor event planning process to after the event to keep the environment clean.

Recycling bins for events

We havemany bins, such as the regular 240L wheelie bins and big 1100L wheelie bins. You can request any wheelie bin size for small or large outdoor or indoor events to store general waste like bottles, cards, cans and plastic.

Collecting and storing clinical waste is in yellow bins because it is dangerous. Wet waste from cooking, food and the kitchen is for the green waste recycling bins, and packing plastic, cans, bottles, newspaper, cardboard, and other dry recyclable materials is for the blue recycling bin.

We will examine the bin regularly to ensure it doesn’t get full and collect, replace and empty the full bins. After the event, our professionals will sort the waste and take them to the recycling centre

Why choose Waste Removal Barnet?

  • We recycle different types of waste and have a 95% recycling rate. This means we recycle up to 95% of the waste collected, including hazardous waste, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect the environment
  • We comply with the Environmental Agency legislation for all waste disposal
  • Our services are affordable
  • During events, our team will work to ensure efficient waste management and remove all waste to keep the venue is clean
  • After the event, we will provide a comprehensive waste report, including the weighbridge ticket containing the necessary information

Our other services

  • Office waste collection
  • Retail waste management
  • Construction site rubbish removal
  • Builders waste removal
  • Domestic waste removal
  • Hotel waste management

If you have an event, contact Waste Removal Barnet on 020 37450982 to plan and handle your event waste clearance needs.

Frequently asked questions

Event waste segregation at the source means placing waste into the right bins. The law mandates three waste streams

  • Dry waste – biodegradable and non-biodegradable
  • Wet waste
  • Rejects

Waste segregation is the foundation of sustainable and responsible waste management.

The most effective way to reduce event waste isby reusing the waste. However, some wastes cannot bereused and recycled and will require proper processing before disposal.

Yes, we can. Our event clearance team can ensure plastic-free events which cover waste management through the three-bin system, waste stream management and litter picking

We are a top event waste management provider in Barnet and follow best practices, such as the latest waste management techniques for environmental preservation and saving resources.

The cost of event waste collection can be low, but partnering with us helps reduce the cost of the event waste collection.

Research reports that music events produce up to 23,500 tonnes of waste annually, a close equivalent of 78 fully loaded Boeing 747 jets.

Food accounts for about 24% of waste from events, making it the primary source of event waste, followed by 18% for plastic waste, 12% for paperboard and paper waste, 11% for textile, leather, and rubber waste, and other materials make up for less than one-tenth of total event waste.

Yes, we do. We have litter pickers to pick up waste during and after events.

We recycle event waste. Our expert team will sort the waste and recycle any item that can undergo recycling.

Recycling food waste is vital, and we use innovative technology for food waste recycling to make renewable energy.

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