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Alternative to skip hire Alternative to skip hire
Alternative to skip hire

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Alternative to skip hire in Barnet

Getting a skip may be something many people are used to in Barnet; however, you can get quick and more affordable service for your private residential homes or offices. Our clearance and waste removal services in Barnet are only one call away.

Waste Removal Barnet, London is one of the leading waste and rubbish removal companies in Barnet and London in general. We provide waste removal services to private homes and offices or business settings. With us, you can get a quicker and more affordable choice of rubbish removal at any time. Get started by giving us a call today.

Why you should use us as a skip-hiring alternative

No doubt, skip hire has been around for a while. In fact, it has become quite popular. Sadly, it might not be a very good choice of rubbish and waste collection for people because of certain things involved in its management.

If you are wondering why you should make that transition from hiring a skip to contacting a rubbish and waste collection company, take a look at the following reasons why

  1. By contacting us at Waste Removal Barnet, you do not have to worry about your type of waste. At Waste Removal London, we collect all kinds of waste, from catering waste to construction waste, hazardous waste and general waste.
  2. We ensure that all waste put out for us is loaded into the trucks for recycling and disposal.
  3. We are available for same-day service. This means you can call us today, and we will show up to pick up and dispose of rubbish and waste.
  4. We charge our customers based on the volume or size of the rubbish or how much space it takes up in the van
  5. We do not charge expensive permits for the collection of waste and rubbish
  6. When it is time for pick-up or collection, we will not get anyone involved. Our staff and team will load up the waste ourselves and clean up the area when we are done.

As stated earlier, we collect every kind of waste ranging from old furniture such as beds, mattresses, sofas, fridges, tables, and upholstery to old and heavy electronics like washing machines and television sets. Additionally, we collect waste materials that cannot be disposed of in skips, like paints. You get a free quote when you contact us or when you are not sure about the size of the waste we will be picking up.

Why you should not hire a skip in London

Hiring a skip may seem like a good thing, but there are complications involved, and these can be stressful and frustrating for you. For example, an expensive permit may be required depending on the final position of the skip.

Secondly, after hiring, the loading of the skip will be your responsibility as there may be no one to help. This can present a problem if you have not done this before. Finally, finding the right spot for your skip is another thing to worry about. You would want to protect it from pests and at the same time, make them accessible for disposal.

In the end, it is always a better option to get a waste removal company like Waste Removal Barnet involved. For one thing, you do not need any permit to get us to collect and dispose of your rubbish. Secondly, we will not charge you unnecessarily for the waste collected. You will only pay based on the size of the waste. Finally, we do the loading and cleaning up ourselves, so you do not have to worry about that.

Unfortunately, several people believe that they need a skip for large sizes of waste. This can be a big mistake because of several reasons. One such reason is that large skips will not be used to collect all kinds of waste, including appliances. Furthermore, the huge carbon footprint of skips means getting a permit may be quite difficult.

Nonetheless, getting us involved will save you from all these stresses and take the worry off your hands.

A professional and beneficial alternative.

Years of experience as a professional waste and rubbish collector in Barnet and London have made us reliable and trusted. We do not just collect and dispose of waste and rubbish, we also ensure that recyclable materials are recycled and items still in good condition are donated to people who have use for them. Items that are disposed of are those that are beyond use or repair, and even then, we ensure proper disposal by the laws.

All our staff and workers are experienced and licensed for the work we do. This means we know exactly what we are doing. Get in touch with us today at Waste Removal Barnet to book an appointment.

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