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Garage Clearance

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Garage Clearance Barnet

It feels great to have a garage. But most people store unusable and old stuff in their garages. Do you do the same?

If you own a garage, it is not a bad idea to park your bike or car and use the extra space to store things that you want to use in future rather than throw them away. However, there comes a time when the stored items increase in quantity and mess up the garage.

You may have stored an assortment of things in your garage. And when it comes to clearing up, you might be confused about where to start. Chances are that you may have both heavy and lightweight items packed together. Can you lift the heavy ones? How do you intend to clear your garage? The solution is here: Waste Removal Barnet. We are your best hand for garage clearance in Barnet. Our team of professionals are readily available to take out anything you don't need in your garage anymore.

And you can also book us for the removal of a host of other junk from your homes and businesses.

Getting your appointment for garage disposal Barnet

  • Let's talk: You should call us to discuss your needs via phone or email. Our number is 020 37450982
  • Receive a quote: Give us a clear picture of what you need removed, or snap and send a photo. Based on that we can prepare and issue you a detailed quote.
  • Fix an appointment: When will you be free to have us come to collect and dispose of your garage waste? Let us know. And, of course, you are very free to book a same-day removal should you call us prior to 10 a.m.
  • Garage disposal: We will lift and load all your garage junk onto our van.
  • Our team will drive right away to a recycling centre to give your waste a new use.

We arrive with the necessary tools to remove every bit of waste from your garage. And our team will tidy up the place afterwards so you have a clean garage.

Please be specific and clear about the item you need us to remove and what you still need so that valuables are not mistakenly removed.

To achieve this, we advise our customers to kindly ID the goods to be collected and disposed of so they are not confused with the ones that will stay behind. You will be helping us by doing this as we can clear your garage efficiently whether you are there to supervise or not. In our experience, hoarders can cause a lot of inconveniences which is why our team is highly cautious and precise when it comes to that.

Do well to get an expert clear your garage. A company like ours will not disappoint you. We offer the most responsible disposal of garage junk.

The kinds of garage waste we clear in Barnet

Anything that is old, worn-out or tired looking, our team can remove them. So, if you have furniture, appliances, rugs, bicycles, motorbikes, boxes, tools, equipment plus any other garage item that are old and not useful to you, please call us for rapid and professional collection and disposal. We can give your garage a better look.

See some of the items we remove from garage:

  • Paint
  • Tools
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Car batteries
  • Old engine oil
  • Gas bottles
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Scrap metal
  • Any other garage waste

Cost of garage clearance Barnet


Loading Time

Cost (No VAT)

< p>Lowest fee or 50 kg

10 minutes


1/4 or 300 kg

20 minutes


2/4 or 500 kg

40 minutes


3/4 or 800 kg

50 minutes


Full van or 1000 kg

60 minutes


Take cognisance of the following:

  • That the highest load limit a single van is 14 cubic yards (equal to 2.5 skips)
  • That whatever quote our rep gives in a phone call or email is tentative as they cannot measure the precise weight of the waste, define parking charges, and how accessible the property is
  • That our costs are dependent on volume, weight, loading time, assembling and disassembling (as per appliances and furniture)
  • That cost may be stretched a little where easy access to your premises is not granted or hard

Completely trustworthy disposal Barnet

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach out quickly and professionally too as many as need garage disposal throughout Barnet. We want all our customers to trust us for excellent project execution, whether there is supervision or not. Waste Removal Brent is always attentive to details and ready to serve.

Our phone number is 020 37450982 for more information, advice and booking. You will be in for a service that will give you peace of mind and a smile as deep as the ocean.

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Same Day Services

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